25 «I Can’t Unsee That» Tweets That Are Hilariously On Point

"Да умоется кровью тот, кто усомнится в нашем миролюбии." Тертуллиан ZM
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«Did you ever notice that…»


Edvard Munch’s The Scream looks like a dog with long ears:

Have we considered that it’s possible that Munch was just trying to paint a spaniel, but he was a bit shit, and then people got excited about it so he went along with it?

See it?

Public Domain / Getty


And speaking of dogs, their paws look like tiny koala bears:


The cameras on iPhone 11s look more than a little like electric stove tops:

.@MKBHD called the cameras on the iPhone 11& iPhone 11 pro a kitchen stove, and now I can’t unsee it!


A Ford’s steering wheel looks uncannily like Roland Rat from Get Up and Go!:

Saw this online yesterday and it’s true…

Once you see “Roland Rat” in the Ford’s steering wheel you can’t unsee…


Turn a dollar bill upside down and you’ll see Batman’s mask and the Batmobile:


There are people eating chips and salsa hidden in the Tostitos logo:

@BaylorKevin @EnswellJones I was like 74 years old when someone pointed out there are two stick people eating chips and salsa in the Tostitos logo


And there’s a «31» hidden in the logo of Baskin-Robbins (who are known for their 31 flavors):


Donkey Kong’s mouth looks like a giant pistachio:


The dogs in The Secret Life of Pets have avocados for noses:


Fred from Scooby Doo is wearing a jumpsuit under his sweater:


And Australia is basically a giant Scooby Doo head:


Negative four degrees looks like, well, just read:


There actually is an «i» in «team»:


Cowboys legend and sportscaster Troy Aikman looks more than a little like Jay-Z:


And Jake Gyllenhaal looks way too much like this dog:

Im sorry he looks so much like Jake gyllenhaal in the second pic I can’t unsee it https://t.co/fKiJ3xMCDv


Oh, and, uh, he also looks like Alex the lion from Madagascar:


And while we’re talking about Jake — his Mysterio look turned him into a doppelgänger of the adult Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon:


These trees in Pokémon look like angry men flexing:


This standout shot from Frozen 2 is basically the distracted boyfriend meme:


The moms in Pixar movies often look the same:


The exception is the dad from Onward…who instead looks almost exactly like John Krasinski (as this tweet pointed out):

Disney/Pixar, Matt Winkelmeyer / Getty Images


The Slack logo looks like a bunch of ducks:


Amazon sells everything from A to Z…as their logo subtly hints:

@EnswellJones You know, Amazon sells everything….from A to Z. I use this one in class. I always get a few “Oooohhh” when I show it.


And lastly, Jimmy Stewart appears to be saying «fuck me» in this key scene from the classic It’s a Wonderful Life:

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