24 Things That Are, Like, 1000000% LGBTQ Culture

"Никогда нельзя знать заранее, как впоследствии обернутся обстоятельства." Артур Конан Дойл ZM
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«LGBT culture is always being the one to cause your family data package overages.»


lgbt culture is being closeted and getting an adrenaline rush when referring to your future partner as ‘them’


queer culture is exchanging date and time of birth before going on a date to see if it’s even worth the investment


anxious queer culture is walking faster than automatic doors open so you have to awkwardly hesitate right before it opens


lgbt culture is having a crush on a straight person and u knOW they’re straight but somehow there’s a tiny voice in ur head telling u there’s still a chance to be w them


@ItsAlexanderJr @JiangSal LGBT culture is wondering why Kim Possible ended up with Ron when SheGo was right there.


queer culture is turning to the person next to you and asking «which CRJ song is stuck in your head right now?» and immediately getting an answer


Queer culture is cutting or cropping your organization/company shirt for the Pride parade.


lgbt culture is disassociating into your phone when everyone starts talking about sports


lgbt culture is wearing a sweater or jacket no matter how hot it is outside. is it 94 degrees out? 101 degrees out? are you about to die from a heat stroke? doesnt matter. you gotta do it for the style.


Queer culture is suffering through terrible television for the emotional rollercoaster of one (1) gay B plot


lgbt culture is thinking back to ur childhood and getting the self-realisation of how fuckin gay you were as a kid

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