24 Queer AF Television Shows You Should Be Rewatching During Pride Month

"Вы себе не принадлежите, поскольку вам не принадлежит ваше внимание." Вадим Зеланд ZM
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From the obligatory Drag Race to the underrated One Mississippi


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Fox / Via gramunion.com

Captain Raymond Holt is stern yet lovable and Andre Braugher’s dry portrayal has earned him three Emmy nominations. Also, shoutout to our bi baby, Rosa Diaz.

Where to watch: Hulu


RuPaul’s Drag Race

VH1 / Via amazon.com

I fear the entire queer community would be wandering the streets on Thursdays, completely lost and afraid without this show.

Where to watch: Amazon


Orange is the New Black

Netflix / Via hollywoodreporter.com

Whether or not you hate Piper, you can’t help but ship her with Alex. But even if you don’t, the amount of gay, bi, and trans characters on this show are unmatched. WOMEN FOREVER!

Where to watch: Netflix


Marvel’s Runaways

Hulu / Via youtube.com

Teen drama + Marvel + dinosaurs = queer dreams. Watching Karolina come to terms with her newfound powers AND sexuality is pretty much why television was invented (right?).

Where to watch: Hulu


Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

CW / Via indepthnh.org

This show is so wonderfully gay and they are especially kind to the bisexual community. I mean, this.

Where to watch: Netflix


Will & Grace

NBC / Via newnownext.com

Throwing it back to the basics! No matter how you feel about the reboot (personally, pro) it never hurts to revisit the OG for some great gay nostalgia.

Where to watch: Hulu


One Mississippi

Amazon / Via theweek.com

The cancellation of this show was criminal but you can still enjoy two seasons worth of the incomparable Tig Notaro in her semi-autobiographical show.

Where to watch: Amazon


Killing Eve

BBC / Via theaustralian.com.au

The sexiest game of cat and mouse between a foreign intelligence operative and an international assassin you’ve ever seen.

Where to watch: Amazon


Happy Endings

ABC / Via tv.avclub.com

Another tragic early cancellation, this Chicago-set sitcom features many top-notch comedy actors, especially Adam Pally who kills it as Max Blum.

Where to watch: Hulu


Steven Universe

Comedy Central / Via youtube.com

This show starts out as a silly, cute cartoon and transforms into one of the most intense and complex stories on TV. Also, the music is beautiful.

Where to watch: Hulu



Netflix / Via gaytimes.co.uk

Another tragic early cancellation! Although, at least Netflix had the decency to give us an ending. This beautifully made show features all types of relationships, a badass trans woman, and some trippy AF sci-fi.

Where to watch: Netflix


Buffy the Vampire Slayer

WB / Via fanpop.com

In every generation, a television show is chosen and favored by every queer of its time. Some (me) would say that it is the #1 greatest show in the history of the universe. Oh, and there’s another hella gay song for your enjoyment.

Where to watch: Hulu


Wynonna Earp

SyFy / Via advocate.com

Buffy fans listen up because this show is what you’d get if Buffy was a big drinker, Spike was a real historical figure, Angel wasn’t a broody white dude, and Willow and Tara got to macking from the get-go.

Where to watch: Netflix


Golden Girls

NBC / Via icepop.com

Even if this show wasn’t filled with queer characters, the community would love the shit out of it anyway. These old ladies are loveable AF and everyone can relate to someone. Personally, I’m a Sophia. (Tell us who you are in the comments!)

Where to watch: Hulu


Dear White People

Netflix / Via elle.com

Everyone should be watching this show! If not for the rare onscreen representation of a young, gay black man then for all of its other important and well-created characters.

Where to watch: Netflix


Jessica Jones

Netflix / Via variety.com

CARRIE-ANNE MOSS IS THE QUEER WOMAN’S DREAM, PEOPLE! The only downside is she doesn’t whip out her old Trinity outfit.

Where to watch: Netflix


Schitt’s Creek

Pop / Via tv-eh.com

There are few current comedies out there that will make you laugh harder than this one. Also, David’s relationship with Patrick is the truest of couple goals.

Where to watch: PopTV, Netflix


BoJack Horseman

Netflix / Via themarysue.com

Not only is this CARTOON one of the best representations of mental illness on TV, it also features the rare exploration of asexuality onscreen. Kudos to Todd!!

Where to watch: Netflix


Orphan Black

BBC / Via youtube.com

Tatiana Maslany is a true goddess who deserves 1,000 Emmys for her performances (plural!) in this show. Also, Felix is a delightful ray of sunshine.

Where to watch: Amazon


Queer as Folk

Showtime / Via sbs.com.au

Either you already love this show or it just makes you think of the hilarious «Queer as F*ck» Michael Scott joke. Either way, it’s an important part of history.

Where to watch: Netflix


One Day at a Time

Netflix / Via theatlantic.com

The working class family sitcom we need and deserve!! Bonus: Rita freaking Moreno.

Where to watch: Netflix



Freeform / Via freeform.com

The internet is pretty enraged over the show’s cancellation after only three seasons, but at least it’s getting an ending and at least we got some Malec while it lasted.

Where to watch: Hulu


The L Word

Showtime / Via variety.com

It’s THE pinnacle lesbian show. Someone recently chastised me HARD for not watching it and then tried to revoke my queer lady card. Who wants to join me in starting it before June ends?

Where to watch: Netflix


Queer Eye

Netflix / Via variety.com

The Fab Five basically own Netflix now, right? What even was Netflix before this show came back into our lives?

Where to watch: Netflix

What are some of your favorite television shows with LGBTQIA content? Tell us in the comments!

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