23 Things From Sur La Table With Such Good Reviews You May Want To Test Them Yourself

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Stuff from Sur La that works so well you’ll be like «oooh la la.»

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A jumbo silicone utensil known as the «Ultimate Fork,» which honestly sounds like it should be a pro wrestler or an Olympic sport. But actually, it’s a super versatile and durable tool that can do everything from mash to stir to scramble to separate.

Sur La Table

And mix, and pull, and, flip, and serve….It’s also heat resistant and dishwasher safe!

Promising review: «The MOST-used utensil in my kitchen. Sur La Table’s silicone products are so soft with a very strong center. They are easy to clean and easy to find in the drawer! You will love them! This fork is perfect for breaking up hamburger or making omelets. Nothing sticks to them and they clean up like a breeze. I have two because I never want to be without one while one is in the dishwasher.» —Sue B

Price: $7.96 (originally $9.95; available in five colors)


A classic 5-quart, 10-speed KitchenAid mixer that over 1,000 reviewers swear by. It’s a splurge-worthy gift to your kitchen that’ll keep on giving, in the form of the myriad delicious goodies you’ll make with it.

Sur La Table

It comes with a pouring shield and three attachments: a flat beater (for mixing thicker things like batter or mashed potatoes), a dough hook (for kneading), and a wire whip (for airy things like whipped cream and egg whites). Find more mixer attachments here.

Promising review: «I should’ve bought this years ago. I’ve had a large stand mixer for many years, but it’s way more than I need. The main reason I wanted this size was for the tilting top; being able to pull the attachment out of the bowl (rather than lowering the bowl) makes it easier to scrape the sides. It’s lighter and so much easier to pull out of the pantry. The splatter guard is a little flimsy, so I’m being really careful not to drop it. It’s really helpful for splatters, but also for pouring in ingredients slowly.» —Jamie L

Price: $379.95 (available in two colors)


And a KitchenAid pasta-making attachment for the mixer with a roller component for getting your dough nice and thin AND a cutting component that can cut spaghetti or fettuccine noodles. Pasta from a box? I don’t know her.

Sur La Table

You can also use the uncut, flattened dough for lasagna or to press into ravioli!

Promising review: «Easiest homemade pasta ever! My children have been begging me to make homemade pasta and I always had an excuse. I finally got the attachment and I was surprised at how easy it was to make pasta. It turned out so well! Cleaning up was super easy too. I would recommend this attachment.» —Kristen G

Price: $199.95


A cordless milk frother, because now that you’re not making your daily pilgrimage to your fave coffee shop, it’s the perfect time to master some latte art skillz.

Sur La Table

It comes with two AA batteries and can triple the milk in your drink’s volume in just 30 seconds!

Promising review: «I can’t believe how much joy this brings me! I’ve had other frothers, the type with wire loop wrapped around the bottom loop. It worked fine, but this is definitely better. It whips up my milk quickly and it’s easy to clean. It really does make my coffee taste better.» —Sandra Y

Price: $10 (available in two colors)


A trio of All-Clad nonstick skillets with over 200 5-star reviews that are the perfect kitchen basics to skil-let your culinary creations be the best they can be.

Sur La Table

It includes 8-inch, 10-inch, and 12-inch skillets.

Promising review: «Love, love, love these pans! I’m not sure how I’ve been cooking all these years without them. The high sides somehow make cooking easier with these pans, and the easy non-stick surface makes cleaning a breeze. No more scrubbing!» —Deborah A

Price: $129.96 (originally $225)


Game-changing double-walled glass coffee cups that’ll keep your precious caffeine hot without heating up the outside of the mug or leaving condensation, so coasters, reheating, and worrying about burning your hands are all things of the past.

Sur La Table

They’re microwave- and dishwasher-safe, and can also be used to keep cold drinks cold!

Promising review: «Love these cups. They are very lightweight, which is a little disconcerting. They keep coffee hotter longer, though, and the glass allows me to see the beautiful layers of my cappuccino!» —Lore J

Price: $32 (originally $43) for a set of two, $79.96 (originally $172) for a set of eight


A super durable 4-quart French oven ideal for everything from stews and soups to roasts to baking bread in a highly food-blogger-worthy way.

Sur La Table

It’s designed to distribute heat evenly and work on all cooking surfaces. The inside of the self-basting lid has spikes to keep the flavorful juices flowing while you’re cooking, and it’s even dishwasher safe!

Promising review: «I really enjoy using this Staub pot for some of my dishes that require low and slow roasting in the oven. It is wonderful to use one pot for making dinner. Flavor is critical, and this is a beautiful Dutch oven for that. It’s like I actually have an individual piece of art that I get to cook with. Love it!» —Maximillion O

Price: $289.95 (available in four colors)


A heavy-duty citrus juicer that you can ci-trust to get every last drop of goodness out of lemons and limes.

Sur La Table

It’s dishwasher safe!

Promising review: «It’s true — I actually get more juice per lemon and the amount of pressure used to squeeze is way less. It’s so kind to my 70-year-old hands when I want to use fresh lemon juice for everything from entrees to salad dressings to cookie recipes. Love it, love it, love it!» —Barbara B

Price: $25

Sur La Table

Promising review: «The days of awkward homemade aluminum foil crust protectors that fall into my pies are over! Not sure why I waited so long to get one of these. If you bake pies — ever — get one. Takes up very little space and makes my crusts happy.» —Amy K

Price: $10


A clever clip-on strainer so your basic pots can moonlight as colanders and, more importantly, you won’t have to deal with the ~draining~ task of rinsing an actual colander.

Sur La Table

Promising review: «Favorite new kitchen gadget! This works like a dream! Very sturdy and works on every one of my pots, even when it doesn’t fit snugly. Great in the dishwasher and takes up so much less room than a traditional colander. I bought seven of them for holiday gifts because this product is THAT good.» —Kimberly G

Price: $15 (available in two colors)


A regal swirled Bundt pan to make it easy to create bakes that even Paul Hollywood and Mary Berry would surely swoon over.

Sur La Table

Also, please tell me you are also thinking of the scene with the Bundt cake from My Big Fat Greek Wedding rn.

Promising review: «Makes the most incredible-looking cakes. I saw this on The Great British Baking Show and had to have it. Baked my first cake tonight and it was just breathtaking. The edges were sharp, the cake turned out beautifully and baked well. I prepared the pan with a flour/oil/shortening mix and a pastry brush. Perfect!!!» —Mikki G

Price: $38


A Staub 10.5-inch grill pan made from enameled cast iron that doesn’t need to be seasoned and has handy handles to further make meal prep a breeze. Not to mention you can get an awesome grill effect even without an outdoor grill.

Sur La Table

Promising review: «This is perfect and I am now using it all the time. I either have my food items coated lightly in oil (avocado or olive) or I rub the grill top with oil. Food cooks wonderfully with the grill marks. Cleaning is a breeze. I usually put it in my sink with a little soap and water on it while I put away other items, and then it cleans with minimal effort. It is smallish. I can cook three hamburger patties on it, four filets, or three salmon filets. If I was regularly cooking for more people, I would go for a larger grill pan, but this one is perfect for my family of three.» —Tammy

Price: $99.96+ (originally $229+, available in seven colors)


Pre-made pizza dough to help you make a fun and easy at-home meal that’s slightly more labor intensive than a full-on frozen pizza, but way more special.

Sur La Table

Promising review: «Was trying to find delivery for a good pizza dough and I’m so glad I found this one. Was shipped overnight in a cooler and arrived still frozen. This pizza dough thaws out perfectly and is so easy to work with. Made a pizza and I have to say, this is by far the best dough I have found that bakes so evenly and most importantly tastes great. Very authentic!» —Sofia R

Price: $20 for four pieces, $30 for eight pieces


A zester and grater that’s undoubtedly ~greater~ than any you’ve tried thanks to its comfy-to-hold handle.

Sur La Table

Promising review: «Great! I bought one for myself a while back and I liked it so much that I gave one to my daughter who’s learning to be a chef! It’s wonderful! The size is so much handier than a big countertop grater. The handle is very comfortable, and the storage protector is nice to have too!» —Lisa V

Price: $14.95 (available in seven colors)


A pretty patterned microwavable tortilla warmer to make your taco and burrito nights approximately a zillion times better.

Sur La Table

It can also be used for other flat-ish, round foods like pancakes, waffles, pita, and empanadas!

Promising review: «These tortilla warmers are great! So much better than the standard plastic tortilla warmers. They hold their heat for up to an hour, and the tortillas are the perfect temperature!» —Gwen B

Price: $8


Trusty, smartly designed pre-filled salt and pepper grinders that’ll give you the most satisfying grind you’ve experienced since dancing suggestively with your crush at your Bat Mitzvah. It even has a dial at the bottom so you can adjust for the coarseness you want!

Sur La Table

And when I talk about «coarse» I mean on a scale of «fine» to the joke I just made.

Promising review: «This pair of grinders is my fourth attempt to find grinders that work well in every aspect — from actual grinding to just sitting on the counter. These grinders satisfy all my requirements: easy to use, good variation between fine and course, easy to fill, and they do not drop crumbs on the counter when not in use, because the output end is up when on the counter, not down like most grinders.» —Ray B

Price: $25 each


A snazzy and retro microwave popcorn popper so you can make the perfect movie snack without all the chemicals and grease that are in microwavable bags — you don’t even need oil! Plus, the lid can be used to measure out kernels and even melt butter onto the goodness once it’s popped (or while it’s popping)!

Sur La Table

It’s dishwasher-safe! Get some kernels to pop in it here.

Promising review: «It’s fun to watch your popcorn pop in the microwave and avoid the oil and preservatives that come with microwavable popcorn. We made a whole batch and put half into a Ziploc bag, and two days later it still tasted fresh!» —amy s

Price: $25


A major chef’s knife that reviewers think is truly splurge-worthy and a ~cut~ above the rest.

Sur La Table

Promising review: «I have the 8-inch version and use it every day — it’s our go-to knife. Came razor sharp and holds an edge longer than any knife I’ve ever owned. If I could only buy one knife, this is the one. Love it.» —Calvin C

Price:$129.96+ (originally $199.95+; available in 6″, 8″, or 9.5″ lengths)


Marca Verde extra virgin olive oil, a yummy, versatile, and affordable oil that pretty much ~olive~ the reviewers who’ve tried it seem to adore.

Sur La Table

Promising review: «This deep green, flavorful oil far surpasses the very expensive imported extra virgin oils I have bought previously. I am both delighted AND impressed.» —judy s

Price: $9.95

Sur La Table

Promising review: «These are the best cookie stamps I’ve ever used. Wooden cookie stamps are decorative, but they don’t leave the clear impression that these do. I used them with the peanut butter cookie recipe on the box and they were easy to use with minimal sticking to the dough. Very easy cleanup and the baked cookies have impressions in them that don’t differ much from the way the impression looked on the raw dough. Fantastic product.» —HollyLiz

Price: $26.95 for a set of three


A flexible bottle brush made entirely from silicone, so you can just pop it in the dishwasher instead of having to rinse it and leave it to fester like you do with soft bristle brushes.

Sur La Table

Promising review: «Greatest gadget. Love this bottle brush. Fits into places others can’t go, like wine glasses, hummingbird feeders, and smaller jars. It doesn’t hurt fine crystal. Ordered three as gifts» —Barb C

Price: $11.96 (originally $14.95; available in three colors)


A marble pastry board that’s as practical as it is pretty — it stays cool so the dough won’t stick as much, even if you don’t use a ton of flour.

Sur La Table

Get a matching marble rolling pin here.

Promising review: «This is the perfect board for rolling out dough. I put the board in the refrigerator prior to rolling, and it retains the cooler temperature. Great for making hard candy as well. Can’t recommend this board highly enough.» —Garreth S

Price: $55.96 (originally $69.95)


And an adorable doggo-printed spatula featuring four-legged friends who protec, attac, and will hep you make a snack.

Sur La Table

More of a cat person? Get the kitty version here.

Promising review: «Almost TOO cute to use. I love this spatula. I must admit I use it sparingly since it is so darling. It makes me smile each time I see it.» —BARBARA M

Price: $10.96 (originally $14)

You cooking up a storm with the help of all these goodies:


Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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