23 Jokes For Women That Are Funny Because They’re True

"Обладание всякого рода благами - это еще не все. Получать наслаждение от обладания ими - вот в чем состоит счастье." Пьер Бомарше ZM

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Every time I see a girl in her early 20’s cry over a guy who is older and exponentially worse looking than her and probably doesn’t own bedsheets who won’t commit I’m like wow straight women need to unionize and demand better conditions


My friends coined a word: hepeated. For when a woman suggests an idea and it’s ignored, but then a guy says same thing and everyone loves it


Y’all remember in elementary school when we sent the boys to Jupiter to get more stupider… well they’re back and it worked


Men who get mad when male superheroes are rebooted as women are called Thor losers. Thank you.


EVERY WOMAN IN MY LIFE: juggling 3 jobs, does yoga, cooks, goes to therapy, remembers everyone’s birthday

THEIR BOYFRIENDS: once almost made a dinner reservation but turns out the place was closed


i refuse to ever teach my daughters the archaic concept of “losing one’s virginity” as if some baby-dicked boy who drives a Honda Civic is really taking something special from you lmaaaoo grow up and overthrow the government


lana del rey just killed more men with the eight words «your poetry’s bad and you blame the news» than a physical weapon ever could


I dated a girl in college whose mom tried to talk her out of being gay by telling her she’d have to go through life w/out someone to open jars for her. At the time it was upsetting but in hindsight I kind of love that jar opening was the only use for men she could think of.


all broke dudes secretly want to do comedy and all rich dudes secretly want to be president. there is exactly one man who is safe to date and if he finds or loses $5 it’s all over


how is it possible that so few men are in therapy when every single man i’ve ever met should 100% be in therapy


Salem Witch Banning Abortion
Trials Rights
Men not knowing how things work and deciding that women are evil and must be punished

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