23 Actually Useful Skills You Can Learn In One Week While You’re Stuck Inside

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Raising an eyebrow.

«So, I did it by holding down one eyebrow with my hands rather hard and raising the other. That way, you know how it feels and what muscles you have to use. Do it a little every day, just to get yourself used to the feeling. You’ll find that soon enough, you can do it without the hand, and bam! As of now, I can only do it while squinting a little, but with more work, I’ll be able to lose the squint.» — General_Silverini


Getting better at cocktails.

«Do you have a pint glass? Or any glass that holds a pint? Do you have a spoon? A normal, adult spoon? Do you have a knife? Any size that’s not a joke? Do you have booze? Do you have ice?

«Congratulations, you have a bartending kit. You can execute 90% of all cocktails with these tools. Things that are typically shaken can actually be stirred. They won’t be perfect, but they’ll taste so close to right that you’ll know if you did the cocktail right and if you like it. Cocktailing is like most other hobbies: it can be done with $15 worth of tools or with $1500 worth of tools, and largely the quality of the results will have more to do with the skill of the person rather than the expense of the tools.» — CowboyLaw

Thank god all the liquor stores are still open!

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