22 More Creatively Entertaining And Wholesome Things People Are Doing During At Home During Social Distancing

"Если вы думаете, что на что-то способны, вы правы; если думаете, что у вас ничего не получится - вы тоже правы." Генри Форд ZMEY
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This family who transformed their house into a fantastic bar for their daughter’s 21st birthday:


And this family who put on a “quarantine casino” night:


This creative soul who decided to re-create the “Here Kitty Kitty” music video from Tiger King:

Quarantine Day ?: I recreated the #herekittykitty music video as Carole Baskins with some beanie babies I found in my parents’ attic 🐯🙃 #tigerking #TigerKingNetflix #CAROLEBASKINS #joeexotic #CaroleBaskinKilledHerHusband @netflix


This guy who asked out his cute neighbor on a social distancing date:


This incredibly wholesome gesture:

Quarantine day 11… My sister has now become an ordained minister online &
is remarrying our parents in their backyard this wknd & wants to send Zoom invites to everyone to attend 😩😩


This super creative “carnival quarantine”:


This daughter who helped her parents celebrate 25 years of marriage in quarantine:


And this daughter who created a Dance Moms pyramid with her family members:


These parents who are just too good for this world:


This family who went ALL OUT on a Tiger King themed dinner:


This daughter who knows what we’re all doing to pass the time:

this quarantine got me and my sister performing dances in front of my parents again in the living room like old days


This apartment who turned their balconies into a huge party:


This family who is making the best of their daughter’s 21st birthday:

My parents got me a tiara and a sash and let me drink out of the adult glasses since my 21st birthday is in quarantine and all the bars and restaurants are closed. ♥️


And this family who transformed their home into a fake club:


This guy who found a creative solution for loud neighbors:

just a reminder that if your fellow self quarantining neighbors are being too loud you might be able to connect to their Bluetooth speaker


This husband who transformed their home into Disneyland for his kids:


These friends who made quarantine life feel like a normal part of their daily routine:


This magical Disney themed dinner that this family put on:


This creative way to pass the time:


J.Lo, who is truly making the best of things:


This mom who has a great motto, to be quite honest:

I’m at my parents in self isolation / in quarantine. Today my mum printed me a lunch menu. I think she is bored. #StayHomeAustralia #coronavirusaus


And finally, these iconic parents:

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