21 Wholesome Tweets About Animals That Prove How Ridiculous They Are

"Успех должен измеряться не столько положением, которого человек достиг в жизни, сколько теми препятствиями, которые ему пришлось преодолеть на пути к успеху." Букер Т. Вашингтон ZM
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«me, seventy times per day: who’s a tiny baby?? are you a tiny baby????»


When you get your big TV break on the same day your cats finally decide to sort it out once and for all


Everyone thinks capybaras are cute and harmless but watch this and wait for the moment it attacks her


I was OUTSIDE. I found a MOLE. I’ve never seen a live MOLE. It ran into my SHOE. And now I’m in LOVE.


Still can’t get over the fact there was a deer outside my work on Buchanan Street at 6 o’clock this morning…


my neighbor fell in love with our dog and they’ve become best friends
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