21 Times Zoom University Was Truly Out Of Control

"Никогда не делает ошибок только тот, кто не пробует ничего нового." Альберт Эйнштейн ZMEY
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This kid who found the ultimate hack:


And these students who took it to the next level:


These students who had to take matters into their own hands when their professor muted himself:


And these students who simply TOLD their professor he was muted when in fact, he was not:


This student who just NEEDED some physical contact:


This student who made a sad desktop discovery:

in my first zoom class prof started sharing screen and one of her folders is just in all caps DIVORCE


This professor who just wanted to help her students feel normal:


This student who wanted to pass his classes but also make that money:


This kid who saw his opportunity and took it:

My daughter had a Zoom class yesterday. The teacher’s internet went out, so one of the kids was made the default host. He muted everyone, pretended to teach the class, and then just said “fart” over and over until the teacher was able to join back. It was amazing.


This mixology lesson:

my roommate is in zoom class but it’s just a graduate student teaching them how to make cocktails


This student who was paying very close attention:


This student who was sick and tired of getting called on all the time:

my brother was getting called on by his professor over Zoom way more than anyone else in his class, so he changed his profile photo to a black background and his name to “connecting…”. totally worked.


This Zoom chat that was an absolute journey:


This student who was chillin’ like a villain until he realized his camera was on:


This professor who had to ask their student to simmer down:

my professor sent me an email to stop cussing during my exams cause on the last one the webcam recorded us and i talk to myself to workout problems and I kept saying “what the fuck am I doing”


This student who found a clever work-around:


This professor who forgot to close all his tabs before sharing his screen:


This student who wasn’t afraid to stay on theme:


These girls who accidentally taught their professor the “Savage” dance:


These true friends who helped their buddy pass Spanish:


And this student who was honestly goals:

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