21 Things From Chewy Pet Owners Will Probably Wish They’d Bought Years Ago

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Realizing I don’t own all of these products is my newest ~pet~ peeve.

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A multi-tier drinking fountain that’ll help keep your cat hydrated, because cats’ instincts tell them that moving water is cleaner than still water. This thing looks great, is whisper-quiet, and is even dishwasher-safe!


P.S. This is also a great choice for small dogs!

Promising reviews: «My Jake loves his new water dish! The constant flow keeps the water fresh and clean. I filled it and, just to test it, emptied it two days later. There was no scum and the water was clean. I am now confident I can just replenish the water lost. Jake drinks more water than before, which is good for him. I would recommend this to any pet owner.» —RescueMom

«Our little dog, who is 15 years old, was starting to have trouble seeing and drinking from her normal water bowl, so we ordered this to see if it would help! It is perfect! Not only is it higher than a bowl on the floor, which helps her neck pain but the water also moves and she loves drinking from the top part. This is great for an aging pet!» —Happypetparent

Price: $29.95


A jingle string or wall attached doggy doorbell, for anyone training their dog to alert them when they need to be let out to use the bathroom.


Promising reviews: (Hanging bells) «We got this bell for our Australian cattle dog puppy so he wouldn’t scratch our wood door. He’s figured out to ring the bell to go out with his nose and we love it. It takes time and patience to train most any dog to use a bell, but it’s so very worth it in the end. This bell has an adjustable length to accommodate any height pup and the bells are a soft jingle instead of a harsh ringing, which we can still hear from other rooms but it doesn’t deafen us if we are in be same room as the bells. This has saved our wood door! » —Krista

(Brass bell): «I was afraid by the look of the bell that it would be stiff and hard to ring. This is not true, it is very flexible. It’s also loud…and cute. :)» —linseed

Price: $8.91 (hanging bells, available in three colors), $16.05 (brass bell)


A pair of cat and dog nail covers sure to save your furniture and floors from certain doom, while still letting your pets stretch, scratch, and play to their heart’s content.


Both sets include 20 nail covers and glue. BTW, if you think you won’t be able to get these on yourself, you can take them to a vet or groomer and they can apply them for you!

Promising reviews: (Cat) «I finally decided to try these caps and they are the best ever! I put them on myself and have only replaced one in two and a half weeks. Plus, the rainbow nails are styling!» —pearlsmommy

(Dog): «I put down wood floors in my new house and as soon as we moved in we realized the dog’s nails were destroying them. I was so upset! These completely did the trick. At first my lab was reluctant to let me put them on, but now she sits perfectly still while I do them. My 60 pound lab wears an XXL. You need to change them about every three to four weeks. These will save your wood floors!» —nailcovers

Price: $9.14 (cat covers, available in 11 colors and five sizes), $7.99 (dog covers, available in 11 colors and seven sizes).


An odor-eliminating candle, with a 70-hour burn time, that uses enzymes to clean away pet odors within the home (instead of just covering them up). Grab this candle and your home is gonna smell like…success.


Citrus not your favorite scent? Check out all the aromas Pet Odor Exterminator has to offer!

Promising review: «I have yet to find a scent in these candles that I don’t like. This one is super fresh. I have mice in my office and you wouldn’t know they’re there. Usually I don’t even have to burn it, I just leave the lid off and my room smells great.» —mouseowner

Price: $8.99


And a yard odor spray you can use if your backyard has started to smell more like a bathroom than the great outdoors. This is safe to use on grass, plants, shrubs, patios, outdoor furniture, kennels, swing sets, fences…basically anywhere in your yard your pup has marked as «their» territory.


You can also get a refill bottle to save a few bucks when you need it!

Promising review: «Our side yard had a horrible urine odor because the dogs choose that area time and time again to pee. This product cleared that odor up immediately after use! I will definitely be buying this again!» —Tabs

Price: $20.99 (for a 32 oz. bottle)


An unreasonably lovely play space cage that’ll make playtime in your home far easier and might make you wonder if your furry friends have a prettier home than you do.


Promising review: «The play pen is detachable but it comes with rings that attach to the cage itself, so I leave it set up and open for them to go into 24/7. I love the hay feeder as I can remove it to refill if I need to or just leave it in and put in fresh hay from the top with the opening. The front door is accessible to the playpen and the roof also lifts up on either side for easy access to the entire cage (which is especially useful when I am trying to get the piggies out). The cage itself has a lot of room for both my girls to run around and do laps, even with all of the stuff that I put inside for them to hide or play in. I definitely recommend this for piggie owners, especially because piggies should have a partner and should not really be living by themselves because of their social nature.» —PiggieMama

Price: $174.33+ (available in two sizes)


A darn good lookin’ bed ramp to help your pets (whether too young to jump up, too old to jump down, or too short for either situation) get up and down with ease.


You can also get a collapsable ramp if your dog needs help getting in and out of the car.

Promising review: «This is a great ramp! It’s sturdy and the carpet helps my dog get up and down without any problems. It took me approximately 10 minutes to put together. I am very happy with this ramp.» —Katie

Price: $124.95 (available in two colors)


A 5-gallon blade light aquarium with a clean aesthetic (thanks to a hidden filtration system) and white and blue light settings, so you can switch things up from day to night while still keeping an eye on your frisky fish.


Promising review: «This is sleek, quite modern, and is almost completely designed with glass!! The aquatic compartment itself is all-glass, as well as the top. It’s big enough to house a heater (either in the tank itself or the filter compartment). Speaking of the filter compartment, it’s very large and can easily house your cartridges, sponges, ceramic, and other bio-media with no issues! Unfortunately, a lot of fish like to swim horizontally, not vertically, so it definitely isn’t suited for all. Only fish that are okay with swimming up and down, like guppies or ones that are really small, will do well. This is an absolutely gorgeous tank!! » —TheRatDragon

Price: $53.99


A freeze dried raw cat food for cat owners who want their cat to have a nourishing diet. The major bonus? This food also eliminates litter odor like magic.


I. Swear. By. This. Cat. Food. I live in a 600-square foot apartment, so there was no escaping the smell of my hidden litter boxes. And yet, after purchasing this food I have had NO litter box odor in my home. None. Even immediately after my cat has used the litter box, there is no smell. It’s also far easier to clean. This stuff is witchcraft. Fair warning: there’s no going back to the smelly old days after you’ve purchased this.

Promising review: «My cats love this food. I didn’t even have to mix it with anything to get them to eat it — they ate it immediately. The raw diet has done wonders for my cats’ health. If you don’t want to go through the intense hassle of grinding your own food, Stella & Chewy is the next best thing!» —SchatziOtto

Price: $9.99+ (available in three sizes)


A rechargeable light necklace you can toss on your dog to give you some peace of mind while walking around at night. This thing is especially useful if you play fetch with your dog when it’s dark, or if they love running around your large yard at night. There’s a reason this thing has ~glowing~ reviews!

Chewy, Khaos

Promising review: «Everyone should have one of these! It’s great quality! I love how it alternates colors and how you can make it stick to one color. My dog loves his necklace. This is a fabulous purchase. Get one right now!» —Khaos

Price: $17.11


A Litter Genie – it’s gonna lock up unwanted odors in your home *and* help prevent the plastic bag waste that comes from traditional litter box cleaning.


Promising review: «I love this. You scoop and drop everything to the bottom and then empty it every few days or weekly, depending on how many cats you have. I was skeptical about claims of odor control but there really is no odor. It’s fantastic!» —Cindycarla

Price: $17.99 (available in two colors)


A water bottle with a brilliant bowl you simply squeeze to fill. Did you just find something that’ll be easy to carry *and* keep your pup hydrated when you’re both out all day? You sure did. Go ahead and drink that in.


Promising review: «We are very active and love to take our pups outside with us. These bottles have made a world of difference in carrying water. They don’t leak, unless you squeeze the bottle. Instead of a lot of waste, the water that they do not drink goes back into the bottle. This holds a full 16.9 ounce water bottle. I would definitely buy this again. We have already recommended them to friends and family with pets.» —2FurryBabies

Price: $17.19 (available in three colors)


A window perch bubble pod you can suction onto your window, giving your cat the grade-A view they deserve and letting YOU snag a view of your birdwatching beauty 24/7.


Promising review: «I have a 12 pound cat and a 20 pound cat and this holds both of them very well. The quality is better than I expected. Although it did take me shoving them in it a handful of times, by the end of the day I caught them taking turns laying in it. This is a space saver and very unique.» —Lindsay

Price: $42.99


A paw-protecting wax that’ll help keep your pup’s footies from being irritated by the elements. This works on hot pavements, sand, snow, and ice and it’s formulated with vitamin E to moisturize paws and heal old wounds.


Promising review: «It’s been pretty hot and dry this summer and my dog (a hunting retriever) has been pretty active in the field. She cut her paw open twice and bled pretty badly, so I decided to purchase this. It’s great at giving dogs’ paws necessary moisture as well as protecting their paw beds from more cracks/possible bleeds. It will also be great in the winter.» —Nadia

Price: $11.99


An elevated dog bed for keeping your K9 comfy if they tend to sleep hot and need a little airflow underneath them as they sleep. Honestly, same.


Promising review: «This is the best deal for a dog bed. It’s affordable, easy to put together, easy to keep clean, easy to move around, and (most importantly) it’s surprisingly comfortable. We have much more expensive and comfortable seeming dog beds around the house, but Olive likes this the best. I finally bought a second one. This $30 cot is better than her $300 dog mattress for some reason.» —Jessica

Price: $22.93+ (available in six colors and three sizes)


A felted wool cat cave that’s gonna look great in your place and make your kitten feel so heckin’ cozy they may never come out.


Promising review: «All my cats like to sleep in this cave. I never know who I’m going to find inside. I’m really pleased with how substantial it is. The wool is quite thick, so the bed holds it shape without any sagging. This is very popular with all of my cats.» —Puccesca

Price: $54.67


A canvas backpack you can put on your pooch if you decide it’s *their* turn to hold their own poop bags for once. TBH this thing has so many pockets they can carry just about anything they’d need! They’d probably suggest treats. Lots of treats.

gabsthegolden, Cora

Promising review: «This is an awesome pack! It looks fantastic and it’s good quality — the zippers aren’t weak and it has wide pockets. Our foster boy was happy to have this on. The straps were a little long but once adjusted we just tucked them in and…voila! I’ve had both strangers and friends constantly ask where we got it because it looks so great!» —DelgadoATX

Price: $31.33


A car hammock that’ll protect your seats from your enthusiastic, and shedding, road trip buddy.


Promising review: «I purchased this pet car hammock several months ago and I am so glad I did! My dog loves car rides now. The hammock stays put/doesn’t slide around and it protects the car seats! The print is cute too. This is a great buy!» —Haley

Price: $59


A Betta Bed — it’s gonna seem ~fishy~ how much your swimming kid loves laying around on this simple, little leaf!

bvcsky, pingu, Jetboy

Promising review: «I happened to see this product randomly and thought it was adorable. I love how it’s bendable!!! My Betta loves it! He uses it all the time, whether he lays on it or just hovers over it and leans against a side of the leaf. It’s really great and he’s an old, big Betta now and needs his rest! 🙂 We’ve had it for a couple of months now and have had NO issues with peeling. Great buy!» —Jetboy

Price: $3.95


An exercise wheel that’s gonna look ~wheely~ cute in your critter’s cage.


Promising review: «This is adorable and much better quality than expected. It is practically shatter-proof.» —Nneal

Price: $15.99


And finally, a mid-century modern daybed for treating any persnickety pooch to a piece of furniture they would most certainly prefer.


Promising review: «My dog loves this! She can’t stay out of it! I think I love the bed just as much as she does!» —SJohnson

Price: $139.99

What your pet’s gonna think after you give them these new treasures:


Reviews in this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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