19 Things That Are Peak Lesbian Culture

"Человек одинаково неспособен видеть и небытие, из которого он появляется, и бесконечность, которая его поглощает." Блез Паскаль ZM
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Labeling your things:

lesbian culture is me calling whatever i like a lesbian. honestly, my car? big ol lesbian honda civic


Important milestones:

im just now realizing how weird lesbians are me and this girl made a souvenir out of a rock to honor our first fish we caught together OUR FIRST FISH 🐟😅


Dangerously hormonal households:


In general outfits like this:


Medical conundrums:

as a lesbian at the doctor, am i sexually active or am i not ?? under what guidelines ??



This hard as fuck dyke just cried in my bed, about her ex, after we had sex. Anyways I’m seeing her again tonight


EXTREME emotions:

Why do lesbians seem to be dramatically and all consumingly single OR dramatically in love and picking out matching jumpers there really seems to be no inbetween ???


Melancholy shit in general:


Posing on one knee while staring at the sky:


That turned around with one hand on the passenger seat move:


Everything here:

Every lesbian couple should have
-10 bath sheets
-1 sex towel
-2+ dogs
-1 set of mommy issues
-3 vegetarian recipes known by heart
-1 drawer for shared clothing
-3-4 hammers, inexplicably


Paralyzing attention:


Being internally torn:


This nonsense:

I’ve been waiting like 5 years for this bird to come out gay n she’s only with my fucking ex HAHAHA life’s keeps getting better and better my friends.


And honestly never understanding your own:

You know you’d think being a girl and liking girls I’d be able to understand girls more but nope it’s still a mystery

Why are girls so difficult…and yet so great? HAPPY PRIDE, PEOPLE!!!

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