18 Queer-Penned Cookbooks To Feast From During Pride Month And Beyond

"Слабые люди всю жизнь стараются быть не хуже других. Сильным во что бы то ни стало нужно стать лучше всех." Борис Акунин ZM
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But beyond simply making money for the community, cookbooks written by LGBTQ+ authors help bring positive queer narratives to the culinary landscape. «Cookbooks have this amazing ability and power to normalize things like queerness,» cookbook author Julia Turshen told Chicago Tribune. “Recipes are love letters,» she explained, «and to see our recipes made in other people’s homes and shared with their families, chosen or nuclear, that’s so powerful.”

The following books are some of our absolute favorite cookbooks, food memoirs, and culinary guides penned by queer authors. They are filled with delicious recipes, anecdotes, and stories. Pride is all about building up the community and celebrating each others’ successes — so pick out your favorite, get cooking, and invite some of your best Judy’s over for a delicious feast. Happy Pride!

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