17 Wild Ways People Found Out Their Partner Was Cheating On Them

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We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us how they found out their significant other cheated on them. Here are the truly shocking results.


This absolute fraud:

«I was checking my husband’s email for something that concerned the both of us. He knew I was checking it and was seated right next to me. I opened his inbox, and there were emails from several different dating sites. Bad enough, right? Well, I opened them and realized that he created profiles pretending to be a lesbian and was using MY photos and information to catfish these women. That man is now my ex-husband.»



This threesome gone wrong:

«A friend of mine was cheating on her girlfriend with an exchange student from Slovenia. One day, the Slovenian girl said they should have a threesome. My friend agreed. The third woman arrived, and it turned out to be my friend’s actual girlfriend! Apparently my friend and her girlfriend were BOTH unknowingly cheating on each other with the Slovenian girl! Sadly, because life isn’t a porn movie, they all got into a fight instead of a threesome. Oh well.»



This wild ride:

«My boyfriend of three months told me he had to go to Italy because his dad passed away. I called my cell provider to add a texting/calling plan to the city he was going to. About four days into his trip, I got a text from his phone. It was his godfather saying that my boyfriend was in a horrible car crash. He was in the hospital, had three major surgeries, and apparently even died twice. His godfather gave me daily updates for three weeks.

My boyfriend eventually made it back home. One night he was changing his shirt, and I noticed that he didn’t have any scars. I asked why, and he said that Italy just had great plastic surgeons. Two weeks later, I got a call saying I had an outstanding cell phone bill for $900! I said there was a mistake. They explained that I had been texting and calling someone who was in Panama. I didn’t know anyone in Panama. I found out that my boyfriend was with his other girlfriend, partying in Panama. He lied about his father dying, the car accident, and everything. An absolute sicko.»



This email sharer:

«I guess my ex-boyfriend forgot that he used my phone to check his email because the next morning I woke up to at least nine notifications confirming my registration with different dating sites. Thinking my email had been used, I opened the app and saw that they were actually sent to his email. He signed up for these dating apps… while sleeping right next to me… in the apartment we shared. Such a winner.»



This not-so-smooth move:

«It was my birthday, and I was hosting a party with friends. A random girl showed up and revealed that she slept with my boyfriend. Apparently he told her about my party during sex, and she thought it’d be good to stop by.»



This very, very dumb man:

«Years ago my high school boyfriend created two separate Facebook profiles so he could be ‘in a relationship’ with me on one page and ‘in a relationship’ with his second girlfriend on the other. He never thought we’d figure this out. He added a bunch of his friends to the new account, resulting in us having a lot of mutual friends. His second profile then popped up in my ‘suggested friends’ list, so, of course, I checked it out and saw the relationship status. He didn’t even try to deny it. In fact, he actually got mad at ME for finding the profile.»



This legit crime scene:

«In high school I found out my boyfriend was cheating on me because his mother called me at 3 a.m. to tell me that her son was meeting two girls in the middle of the night. Apparently one of the girls crashed her car into an apartment building while turning into the complex. Like, the car literally drove through the side of the building and ended up in someone’s apartment (luckily no one was hurt). I walked over to the scene and was in shock. I shook my head in disbelief and thought ‘no way was he worth all that’ lol.»



This Vegas vacation:

«My boyfriend asked me to watch his dog while he went on a last-minute trip to Vegas. When his trip was over, I went to his house to give the dog back. That’s when I caught him and another woman hooking up. Turned out they went on the Vegas trip together, meanwhile I was dog-sitting his own pet so he could cheat. Good times.»



This interesting status update:

«I had an ex dump me via a text message. Three days later, he announced on Facebook that he was engaged to another woman. They married a few months after that and divorced almost immediately. I knew it had fallen apart the very day it happened because I got a message from him that night apologizing and asking if we could get together to talk! Ummmmm, no?»



This other woman:

«My boyfriend of six months ghosted me. About a week later I found out online that he had gotten married. Turned out I was the other woman the whole time.»

—Hannah Lobban, Facebook


This guilty text:

«My ex and I were in a long-distance relationship for a year before I moved across the country to be with him. We even planned on getting married. He was out for the day and asked me to grab something from his computer. When I opened up the laptop, his text messenger popped up. All of the messages were with his best friend, Sarah, which poked fun at me and talked about all the sex they were having behind my back. Needless to say, that relationship ended.»

—Jill Ezelle, Facebook


This woman who deserved so, so, so much better:

«I was diagnosed with cancer and was going through treatment. I went home early one day to surprise my husband, and I walked in on him and our marriage counselor going at it in our bed, while she wore my favorite pair of boots. Turned out, my cancer was caused by HPV. He’d been cheating on me the entire 10 years we’d been together.»



This inappropriate pocket dial:

«My ex-boyfriend pocket dialed me and accidentally left a long voicemail. When I listened to it, he was having sex with another woman. Bye!»

—JaNelle Rowden, Facebok


This accidental screenshot:

«My girlfriend went to show my family and me pictures of her newborn nephew, but while swiping she accidentally showed us texts between her and someone she had been secretly dating for months.»



This math that doesn’t add up:

«I dated this girl for a couple months one summer. Shortly after we broke up, she got a boyfriend. Less than a year later, she posted a ‘happy anniversary’ picture of them on Instagram. We were still together a year ago though…»



This baby announcement:

«I was grabbing lunch with my ex’s parents who were in town. They brought me a gift bag that was full of baby stuff, but I definitely wasn’t pregnant. We were all confused, so the dad called my ex. He confessed to everything and said that one of the girls he cheated on me with had gotten pregnant. Somehow he thought telling his parents that I was pregnant was a full-proof idea with zero flaws?»



And this happy ending:

«My ex had just gotten laid off. His mom was sick, and he needed money, so I was going to help. I FaceTimed him to check in, and he answered, «Bailey? Where are you?» My name’s not Bailey, so I asked who she was. He hung up and didn’t answer for the rest of the night. I did some digging and messaged Bailey on Facebook. They slept together, but she had no idea he had a girlfriend. She truly felt horrible. So, I drove to Bailey’s, and we both showed up at my ex’s house and confronted him. This fool tried to lie straight to our faces. We both dumped him, and Bailey and I have been best friends for years now. She was even maid of honor at my wedding to a man who isn’t an asshole.»


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