17 Tips That Will Actually Help You Get Organized

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No matter what, we’ve all got a bit of chaos in our lives. And when Reddit user badqualityhuman asked the good people of the internet for tips for a more organized, less chaotic life, it seemed like a good idea to round up the best ones. Some of these are so simple you’ll be mad you didn’t think of them sooner!


^^ You, before getting these tips. But not anymore!


“If it’s something that will take you less than a minute to do, do it now.”



“I reward myself for completing a task. Let’s say I’m craving a coffee before work. I take my vitamins and get my lunch for the day prepared before I can make myself the coffee.”

— cousin_geri


“Write a list of things you actually managed to do today (no matter how minor) instead of the things you’re planning on doing. Future thinking is exhausting, and this way you can acknowledge what you accomplished while keeping yourself accountable.”



“Set an alarm for about an hour or 30 minutes before you want to go to bed. Get ready for bed and prepare for the next day. I do this by setting my clothes out, preparing my lunch, and getting my work bag together.”

— GonnaMakeAList


“Develop daily habits and they will expand over time. Pick one daily habit to work on that will improve your day the most.”

“I made using a planner a daily habit. I started in 5th grade when it was required, went through high school and then freshman year of college I realized I was really spinning without one. I set alarms on my phone throughout the day that were solely reminding me to check my planner and develop that second nature – right now I’m working on reminding myself to check it at night, to see if there’s any after-work phone calls or chores I need to remember to do.”

— teydlin-coe


“Try the O.H.I.O. Method: Only Handle It Once.”

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“Dirty dish? Rinse it and put it in the dishwasher. Dishwasher full? Run it as soon as you put the last dish in. Mail? Carry junk mail straight to the recycle bin from the mail box. It also takes less mental space — less remembering!”

— believethescience and mossberbb


“The biggest thing I’m focusing on right now is the idea of ‘containers.’ Your dresser? It’s a container for your clothing. If your dresser is overflowing you have to get rid of some of your stuff until it all fits in the container.”



“Many will say lists, but that’s only half the answer. Structure is what you want. Things go on lists, but then every Tuesday at clean o’clock you take out your clean list, and every Thursday at pay-thirty you pay those bills.”

— RedReaderMan


“Picking out clothing the night before has been a game changer for me in terms of getting up and going in the morning.”


“Now I go one step farther. On Sunday, I figure out the clothes I’m going to wear that week and hang them in a specific place in my closet, in order of when I’m going to wear them. It takes me just a few minutes, once a week and saves me from having to actually think about it in the morning when I’m just trying to get ready and out the door.”

— gt0163c


“Creating external accountability and deadlines is my favorite. If I invite a friend over for dinner, oh shit — better get my room clean before they come over!”

— ohhhokthen


“Think about your motivation for doing something.”

“You know you should clean your room, but why do you want to have it clean? Because it will feel nicer to be in a clean room? Because you’re embarrassed of the mess? Because you can’t find anything? It’s easier to do a task it you have a clear reason. And there will be some tasks that are weighing on you that if you think about it you actually have no reason to do them, and you can let go of that anxiety.”

— ohhhokthen


“I put on a TV show like Hoarders or Marie Kondo for motivation when I need to clean. It makes me clean like there’s no tomorrow looking at gross stuff.”



“Start taking note of what you do in a day by the hour and then by the minute. It’ll take a turn for the better when you realize how much time you spend doing certain things.”

— albert_0619


“Work with your bad habits. Have a giant pile of shit by the front door where you keep your keys? Put a container under that pile of shit, and bam! Organized.”

— FloobLord


“Set aside two hours each month to go over the next month’s finances. Income, outgoings, due dates, paydays, all of it. And don’t forget food and gas!”



Make a to-do list that includes fun things. I always add things like ‘Play this video game,’ or ‘Read a chapter of this book,’ to my to-do list. It feels less overwhelming if it’s not all work on the list.”

— drewberryblueberry


“Develop one good habit at a time. If you try and get your entire life under control at once you will burn out. Put out one fire at a time.”


Do you have any life hacks that help you stay organized? Tell us in the comments below!

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