17 Times Twitter Ended Men In 280 Characters Or Less

"Самопожертвование должно преследоваться по закону. Оно деморализует тех, ради кого идут на жертвы." Оскар Уайльд ZM
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«Do men grab other men’s waists when they are trying to get by or…?»


He’s not ignoring you he just recently bought separate shampoo and conditioner and is trying to figure out which one goes in his hair first


every day men leave their homes with no bag, no water bottle, no lip balm, no hand sanitizer, no extra layer in case they get cold, just keys and a wallet shoved into their pocket. chaotic and reckless


boys: do u like girls with big boob or big butt better

the same boys: i wash my face with dish soap


white girls just want a wedding so they can hear their totally uncommunicative boyfriends say what they like about them for the first and last time during vows


My favorite part of hook up culture is knowing the guy who cried in my bed over his ex girlfriend & held my hand for 4 hours before never speaking to me again still watches my Instagram story every day


The Man by me having sex
Taylor Swift
wonderin if I’d get there quicker if I was a man


found out my mom drove HERSELF to the hospital when she was going into labor bc she was mad at my dad for not giving her enough attention and wanted to birth me by herself bc “men are incapable”… so yes I am the son of a petty queen and, yes, I will carry on her legacy.


«hey I saw you on tinder but we didn’t match so I found your instagram you’re so beautiful you don’t need to wear all that makeup ahah I bet you get a lot of creepy dm’s but I’m not like all those other guys message me back beautiful btw whats your snap»

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