17 Things Teens Do In Coming-Of-Age Movies That Make Zero Sense To Everyone

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Not all teens wanna go to Harvard!

We asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the most unrealistic things teens do in coming-of-age movies. Here are the frustrating results.


Every teen girl automatically becomes the most beautiful person at school once she takes her glasses off and plucks her eyebrows.

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And every teen’s parent is either suuuuper clueless or ridiculously strict. There’s no in-between.

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They always sneak out of the house in the middle of the night to do something rebellious.

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High school students only dream of going to Ivy League schools, like Harvard.

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Teens are always part of a super specific clique, and rarely befriend anyone outside of it.

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They skip classes, or entire school days, without any ounce of punishment.

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And they’re somehow always caught up in intensely romantic love triangles.



Teens in movies have allllll of this free time, and you never see them do homework or study.

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For some reason, every young girl is BFFs with her teacher.

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And every single teenager is ridiculously hot. Like, out-of-this-world hot.

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Mainly because high schoolers in coming-of-age movies are played by grown-ass adults.

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Students rock suuuuuper trendy and extravagant outfits to school on a daily basis.

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They have extremely fulfilling and active sex lives.

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And pretty much every dude’s main priority is to get laid before going off to college.

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Teens always host or go to these ridiculously fun and wild house parties.

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And if it’s a pool party, they have this ~super deep~ moment while swimming underwater.

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Finally, every teen’s horrible problem is miraculously resolved once they’re in a committed and loving relationship.

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Note: some submissions have been edited for length/clarity.