17 Products For People Who Hate Camping

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These oughta make you more con-tent with the great outdoors.

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A comfy inflatable sleeping pad to keep you off that cold, hard, and unforgiving ground.


Promising review: «This is the most comfortable sleeping pad I have had, and I’ve had a lot. I live in Oregon and spend as much time in the mountains as I can get away with camping or backpacking. I have used this in my hammock, on the ground, and with my cot. I really love it. A lot.» —KeepItGreen

Get it on Amazon for $55 (available in five colors).


This ultra-portable gadget for sending texts to your partner and keeping tabs on your location when you get lost.


Promising review: «Gotennas work like magic, knowing that others have read your messages and dropping location pins to coordinate meetups. The excellent offline maps even have ski resort runs mapped out in some places! The battery life is great: Turned off they last for months, and for a few days of normal usage. The range has worked great for everything we’ve needed (and know the limitations —1/2 mile in the city, up to a few miles rural areas or line of sight).» —Dan Fisher

Get a pair from Amazon for $150 (available in two colors).


A super-effective hand warmer capable of running as long as 12 hours on one filling.


Promising review: «My body struggles to stay warm often, so this warmer is quite a blessing. It just so happened that when I was out of town this weekend during first real cold front of the year, my friends decided to take me to a restaurant with outdoor seating, and I hadn’t packed warm-enough clothing. Zippo hand warmer to the rescue! I only put six hours’ worth of Zippo fluid into it and it ended up going for 12 hours. Even though I only had one, it kept me comfortably warm.» —BeachBunny

Get it from Amazon for $12 (available in four colors).


These magnetic rope lights to keep your campsite bright and stop you from stumbling all over the place.


Promising review: «The light is lightweight, completely flexible, and plugs into any USB power source. This light is perfect for the backpacker who travels light with the need for light! The output on this light, both in the bag and strung out, is quite impressive. While stuffed in the bag, it puts out enough light to softly light the trail you’re walking. While strung around the picnic table it provides enough light for the whole family. Completely flexible and portable, you can even use it to make sure you and your pet are visible on your evening walk.» —BiJae

Get it from Amazon for $12 (available in 5-foot and 10-foot lengths).


A pair of waterproof socks that’ll prevent the nightmare that is wet-sock syndrome.


Promising review: «Amazing. Waterproof and breathable. Comfy, soft wool terry cloth–type lining. The warmest socks I’ve ever worn. When I put them on, within a minute it felt like I was using one of those stick-on foot-warmer packets. I wore them with only sneakers on icy and wet hikes, with a pair of thin wool liner socks, and my feet stayed warm and dry. I wore them with and without liners for four days straight and they didn’t smell.» —BB

Get a pair from Amazon for $46 (available in sizes S–XL).


This wearable sleeping bag to prevent you from ever uttering the phrase «I’m cold.»


Promising review: «WELL… to say that I’m obsessed with this would be a grave understatement. Every minute I’m not in this thing I’m dreaming of it. I show pictures of it to people who I see in public, (which inevitably means I’m not wearing it…tragic), like a proud parent. Which is sad because I’m an actual parent and people ask to see pics of my baby but instead I make them look at pics of this suit. The countdown to Selkbag tattoo begins.» —Jordan B

Get it from Amazon for $99 (available in three colors and sizes S–XL).

discobed.com, amazon.com

Promising review: «I wish something like this had existed back in our tent-camping days! We bought this as temporary sleeping when our twin grandsons visit. They loved sleeping on the cots and are begging to have them be bunked on their next visit. They are 5 1/2 years old and not used to bunkbeds, so we kept them as two separate cots. The washable fabric of the cots was helpful as we had the occasional ‘accident.’ Assembly was relatively easy and the cases for the beds are great, just a bit heavy.» —Liz W

Get it from Amazon for $299 (available in black and green).


This geodesic tent that inflates, making pitching a tent in any location, a snap.


A portable toilet for when nature calls (for a better solution than digging a hole in the ground).


Promising review: «Finally had a chance to use my new portable toilet and was very surprised at how well it worked in our little cabin! Going from a bucket-type toilet was like night and day. Used it for three weeks and emptied it once a week, although it would have lasted longer. Was very easy to set up and use, and was easy enough to empty without a mess. Best of all it did not smell up the cabin, so I am very pleased with this product and would recommend it to others. » —Robert

Get it from Amazon for $67.


This solar panel that can fit on a pack and keep your phone from dying in even the most remote locations.


Promising review: «I’m in the US Marine Corps. I had to spend a week in the field with no access to a power source. I bought this product in hopes that it would be able to keep my phone charged throughout the duration of my field ops. It performed perfectly and did everything I expected it to. I also had a 10,000 mAh backup battery pack. I used the Anker charger to charge up my battery pack during the day then I would charge my phone with the battery pack when I had time. With two hours of direct sunlight it was able to charge my back up battery to full charge every day. So basically I kept my phone charged using it consistently for over a week with no power source other than the sun.» —Grant D

Get it from Amazon for $50.


A sand-free mat to keep sand out of your tent on those more beachy camp sites.

go.redirectingat.com, amazon.com

Promising review: «We laid the mat out on the beach, put our beach towels on top. Each time we came out of the ocean, we stood on the mat, knocked the sand off our feet, and it went right through the mat back into the ground, leaving us sand-free towels to sit on. Awesome!» —Steve F

Get it from Amazon for $55 (available in three colors).


This coffeemaker that runs off propane and makes having your much-needed early morning coffee a cinch.


Promising review: «Just brewed my first two pots of coffee with this wonderful coffee maker!! My nickname on all camping trips is ‘The Breakfast Guy’ and it is something I love to do for my friends.» — Randyman03

Get it on Amazon for $90.


A mosquito-repelling camping lantern sure to become your best friend.


Promising review: «I was skeptical of this product, but after using it on a four-day camping trip, I’m sold. It kept two tents in our campsite mosquito-free all night. The disadvantage is that the butane cylinders last only one night.» —Kurt

Get it from Amazon for $37.


This inflatable bubble tent that lets you see the stars… along with any encroaching bears.


Promising review: «This is a great outdoor tent for the summertime. At night it maintains a good temperature and feels very structurally sound. It is roomy enough to put everything you need in there, such as a bed and a nightstand. I would recommend this to any outdoors lover.» —Anthony Huynh

Get it from Amazon for $900.


These camping meals — they actually taste like restaurant-quality food.

Twitter: @GoodToGoFoods

Promising review: «This is the most delicious backpacking food! Way better than Mountain House. I love that it’s made in the USA (Maine!). I like that you can get meals you can’t find in any other brand. The salt is still a little high, but better than other brands. When you consider how many electrolytes you need after a day of sweating on the trail, it’s well worth it.» —Liz

Get a pack from Amazon for $7 (available in 10 flavors).

Find it at REI if they are sold out.


This flashlight that contains a little bit of everything you need to handle most camping situations.


Promising review: «The kit offers a one-stop survival shop, or in other words a self-contained basic survival kit. The housing is solid and each of the canisters is refillable. The light is much brighter than I thought it would be, but I did leave the batteries out for leakage reasons. The compass is slow but accurate and easy to read. Overall, it is a great fit with my other go-bag items, one with I hope I never need but is worth the price.» —gabriel murphy

Get it from Amazon for $99.


And this camping stove (it also acts as a generator for charging your devices).


Promising review: «After a four-day camping/hiking/canoeing trip with this, I’m very happy with it. This became the go-to stove almost immediately, even though my three buddies also packed their stoves. Quick and easy to use, never at a loss for fuel, no wondering how much is left in the tank, and it kept all our cameras powered up for the trip. I do recommend getting the kettle for it.» —phil

Get it from Amazon for $129.

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