17 People Shared The Best Thing That Happened To Them This Week, And I Smiled So Much My Face Hurt

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We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to tell us the best thing that happened to them this week. Here are the wholesome results.


“My best friend and fur baby, Oliver, became very sick last month and needed surgery to remove an intestinal blockage. He had a myriad of post-op complications and needed another surgery. On Monday we finished his last round of antibiotics, and his blood work came back great. He is now healed and off his meds!”


“I’m a retail pharmacy employee, and I had a patient thank me for continuing to work during this time. I’ve had people tell me to stay healthy, which I do appreciate, but this was the first time someone thanked me for working during the pandemic.

“We are short-staffed, and I’ve been working harder and longer hours trying to appease frustrated shoppers and patients, so this was a total emotional gut punch.”



“I had two surgeries last week, putting me completely out of action for the next two weeks, but I have been loved on and supported by my family, friends, coworkers, and students.

“They have taken care of cleaning, groceries, meals, and laundry — plus, they have sent me funny and sweet messages. Even while social distancing, all these people have managed to help and support my family. I cherish them all so much.”



“To slow the spread of the coronavirus, I removed books from my Little Free Library and turned it into a ~Peep~ Show! Folks can view our current show, Mary Peepins, without touching or interacting with others. I even have hand-sanitizing wipes for the light switch.”


“I found out I’m pregnant again after having a miscarriage last year.”



“After being on maternity leave for seven months, I had my first day at my new job for Los Angeles County. I cried a lot because I had to be away from my son, but I just found out that I get to work from home.”



“Every year for my birthday, my parents come visit me, but they weren’t able to come this year. I thought I’d have a sad birthday in quarantine, but my mom and my boyfriend surprised me with a virtual party on Zoom with my entire family. It turned out to be an amazing day.”



“Having a pug was my childhood dream — it just took 24 years for it to come true.”


“Our wedding is on June 20, and we’ll probably have to postpone it, but this week our vendors told us they will all be available for our potential new wedding date in November. Some even said it was the last date they had available this year.

“While we’re feeling sad that we may have to postpone our wedding day, we feel extremely lucky in the grand scheme of things.”



“One of the members of my favorite band (Isaac Hanson, of Hanson) played my song request during his Instagram Live story. Feeling noticed in a challenging time by someone whose words have gotten me through many other challenging times gave me hope.”



“My parents celebrated their 24th wedding anniversary. They didn’t get to go out for dinner, but we all spent time together as a family.”



“In order to help with my anxiety, I started knitting and crocheting again. Focusing on a repetitive task helps put my mind at ease, and it also makes me feel productive when I’m stuck at home.”



“I got my first job as an occupational therapist. I can’t wait to start making a difference in people’s lives.”



“I received my master’s diploma in the mail today, and I’m officially done with university. I can’t wait to start this next chapter in my career as soon as quarantines and closures are over.”



“I planted a garden, and it makes me feel so accomplished every time I see my plants.”



“I finally paid the last of my student loans. No more student debt!”



“I’m getting a refrigerator delivered today. We’ve been living out of coolers since our fridge broke down two weeks ago. It’s been a challenge, but life in self-quarantine will be a lot better with cheese and ice cream.”



Note: Some responses have been edited for length and/or clarity.

What’s something good that happened to you this week? Let us know in the comments! And follow the BuzzFeed Community on Facebook and Twitter to be featured in future BuzzFeed posts!

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