17 LGBTQ-Authored Cookbooks To Cook From During Pride (And Beyond)

"Свобода ничего не стоит, если она не включает в себя свободу ошибаться." Махатма Ганди ZM
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Happy Pride! 🏳️‍🌈

There are so many ways to celebrate this month. Donating to organizations like GLAAD and the Pride Fund to End Gun Violence are great ways to make a direct impact. But beyond supporting queer nonprofits, another way to contribute is to purchase goods made by queer creatives — like cookbooks. This makes sure that money is invested back into the community so we can continue to see representation within the industry.

Last year, we rounded up some of our most-used queer-penned cookbooks — and this year is no different. Find many of our current favorites below: they’re filled with diverse recipes and stories from some of our favorite food writers. Pride month is all about celebrating the community, and cooking out of these cookbooks is a great way to do just that. So order one (or many!), pick your favorite recipe, and start cooking.

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