17 High School Sweetheart Parents Who Have Restored My Withering Faith In Love

"Индивидуум имеет в себе способность понять факторы своей жизни, которые приносят ему несчастье и боль, и реорганизовать себя таким образом, чтобы преодолеть эти факторы." Карл Роджерс ©

OK, I’ve decided I love love again!



«Here are my parents in their matching wet suits! They met in 1987, got married in 1991, and they’re about to become grandparents this year!»




«Here are my grandparents when they were about 15 and 17. They were together for 75 years and married for 67 years before they passed away within months of each other.»




«My parents in 1979 at their high school graduation. They celebrated their 34th wedding anniversary this year and are still totally in love!»




«This was taken in 1977 or 1978, according to my dad. My parents met in 1970 (or so) when my dad teasingly threw her into a ditch in her Sunday best. They fell in love when they were in their early-to-mid-teen years. They were married in 1979 and would’ve celebrated their 40th anniversary last year, but my mom died very unexpectedly. Still seems unreal — they were inseparable and loved each other like mad.»




«These are my very adorable parents matching at Disney World, mid-’80s. They met working at a local department store between high school and college. My mom couldn’t stand my dad at first, and she thought he was a total player. Then he scared off some creep who was bugging her in the shoe department and so she gave him a chance. The rest is history!»




«My parents circa 1984. They’re high school sweethearts who met in Carson, California, and they’re still happily married 40 years later! This picture is in a frame along with the messages they had posted for each other in the newspaper.»




«This picture was taken around 1975 or 1976. My parents have been together for 45 years and married for 40. I think they love each other more now than before!»




«Here are my grandparents the summer before my grandmother’s senior year in high school. They were married for 58 years before she passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2013. He spoke about her every day until he died in December 2019.»




«My parents started dating when they were 15. This is them at 16 in 1977. They just celebrated their 39th wedding anniversary on April 10!»




«My mother and father met when they were 13 and 16, respectively. They just celebrated 37 years of marriage and 47 years of being together in April!»




«My parents in ‘87! They were 17 years old, and they’ve been madly in love ever since!»




«These are my grandparents! They started dating when she was 13 and he was 16. They were married for 60 years, and together for 66! My grandfather adored her and she was so in love with him. Sadly, he passed away this past August. Their story is an example of true love!»




«These are my high school–aged parents in the ’80s shortly before they were married. Five kids and over 30 years of marriage later, they’re still together!»




«Here are my parents, they met when they were both 18. This photo was taken shortly after they got engaged…As you can see, my mom is showing off her ring!»


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