17 Celebrity #TBT Photos You Might Not Have Seen This Week

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Chrissy Teigen as a model on Deal or No Deal kicks off this week’s #ThrowbackThursday!


Chrissy Teigen shared this photo of herself as a model on Deal or No Deal in the late ’00s:


In celebration of the high school class of 2020 graduating, Adam Sandler posted this photo of himself at his high school graduation in 1984:


While Tom Hanks shared his senior class photo from 1974:


Elizabeth Chambers posted a photo of herself and Armie Hammer on their wedding day in honor of their 10th wedding anniversary:


Pee-wee Herman (aka Paul Reubens) shared the MOST ’80s photo — a photo of himself alongside David Lee Roth, Joan Rivers, and Elton John in 1986:


In honor of her longtime friend and fellow supermodel Naomi Campbell’s 50th birthday, Cindy Crawford posted this video of herself interviewing Naomi for MTV’s House of Style in 1989:


While Naomi Campbell shared her baby pic in celebration of her big day:


Mariah Carey celebrated the release of her 2001 album, Glitter, onto streaming platforms by posting these photos taken to promote it:


Tracee Ellis Ross celebrated the 40th anniversary of her mother Diana Ross’s landmark album, Diana, by sharing the artwork for it:


Kevin Bacon posted this behind-the-scenes photo taken on the set of his 2005 film Beauty Shop:

Can you guess which one of us has hair extensions? Hint: not the natural blonde. #TBT #BeautyShop


Tom Hiddleston shared this behind-the-scenes clip of him stunt training in 2011 for his film, The Avengers:


Kim Gordon posted this photo of herself and Sonic Youth performing in the early ’90s:


Halle Berry remembered when she played Miss Stone in The Flintstones, in honor of the film’s 26th anniversary:


John Cleese shared this photo of himself and George Harrison in 1980:

#tbt I want to hold your hand. 1980. #georgeharrison #johncleese #thebeatles #montypython


Janet Jackson celebrated the 20th anniversary of her single «Doesn’t Really Matter» by posting a clip from the music video for it:


Lenny Kravitz celebrated his 56th birthday by sharing this cute photo of himself in the mid-’60s:


And finally, Priyanka Chopra posted the very first photo she and hubby Nick Jonas ever took together, back in 2018:

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