16 Places To Celebrate Pride In The US That Aren’t Just Bars Or Clubs

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It may be nearing the end of June (aka Pride Month!) but luckily June 28–30 is WorldPride, so there’s still plenty of time to take part! When people think about celebrating Pride, they often think of bars and clubs; places that have long been safe havens for the queer community.

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So naturally, there are a LOT of them. Like a lot.

However, there are also a lot of people who can’t drink, don’t drink, or just want a different experience. Maybe they’re looking for something more chill, or a place to meet new people, or aren’t even old enough to get into bars!

Enter: this list! We rounded up cafés, bookstores, restaurants, and more across the US that are for queer people, by queer people, and are the perfect places to celebrate Pride all year round.


Cuties, Los Angeles, California

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cutiesla / Via instagram.com

This bright and colorful coffee shop in East Hollywood is LA’s only LGBTQ-focused coffee shop, but with a devoted fan base, it’s hopefully inspiring more queer spaces to open up. They sell everything from lattes to specialty donuts to queer-themed pins. Cuties also holds events like Queers, Coffees, and Donuts where people can mingle in a safe space (with donuts, of course).


Freed Bodyworks, Washington D.C.

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freedbodyworks / Via instagram.com

When owner Frances Reed entered massage school, they realized that the industry wasn’t catered to gender nonconforming people, so they decided to start their own practice that specializes in being open to all bodies. Freed Bodyworks offers massages, workshops, yoga, and even mental health services.


Squirrel Chops, Seattle, Washington

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squirrelchopscafe / Via instagram.com

Squirrel Chops is part coffee shop, part hair salon, and all female-owned. Located in Seattle’s Central District, they focus on local, hand-crafted coffee and providing a space for the community to gather. Whether you’re in for a cup of joe, a new cut, or simply to attend one of their regular events (like one on Positive Masculinity), you’ll find a warm and open environment.


Bluestockings, New York City, New York

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bluestockingsnyc / Via instagram.com

Blustockings is a volunteer-operated and collectively owned bookstore in Manhattan, stocking some of the latest books across all genres, as well as a large collection of queer books, comics, and more. They also host a monthly queer bookclub and a meet-up called Off the Binary which — you guessed it — offers space for non-binary gender identifying people to discuss their experiences.


Qulture Collective, Oakland, California

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qulturecollective / Via instagram.com

Not only does this community hub focus on queer inclusion and visibility, its retail and gallery space is dedicated to uplifting QTPOC artists! Qulture Collective operates as an open space for the community to shop, enjoy coffee, or browse local artists’ work. You’re also able to rent a workspace for whatever project you might be working on.


Malaprop’s Bookstore, Asheville, North Carolina

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malapropsbookstore / Via instagram.com

Don’t worry readers, we’ve got another queer book club for you! This monthly meet-up in Asheville takes place at Malaprop’s, a locally owned shop with its own café. Chosen books span a wide array of genres from fantasy to YA to memoirs, so everyone will find something they love.


Bloom & Plume Coffee, Los Angeles, California

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bloomandplumecoffee / Via instagram.com

Located next to a flower shop of the same name, this colorful and photogenic café is serving up not just lattes and drip coffee, but LEWKS. Queer and Black-owned, Bloom & Plume offers an inviting space for folx to celebrate every month while soaking up the floral scents from next door and the unapologetically bold decor.


Uptown Players, Dallas, Texas

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uptownplayers / Via instagram.com

Welcome to Uptown Players, a non-profit theater working to «create acceptance through the performing arts.» Since opening in 2001, they’ve put on shows that highlight LGBTQ experiences, both to allow their audience to see themselves on stage, and to create greater positive public awareness in their community and throughout the state.


Wildfang, Portland, Oregon

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wearewildfang / Via instagram.com

Wildfang is a popular clothing brand that got its start right here in the City of Roses, but now also has stores in LA and NYC. It began as a clothing brand for tomboys but quickly became the clothing darling of the queer community, catering to queer women, enbies, and more with their inclusive styles. Whether you’re looking for Pride gear or just for next weekend’s outfit, you’re sure to find something that fits you.


Lil Deb’s Oasis, Hudson, New York

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lildebsoasis / Via instagram.com

Lil Deb’s is truly an oasis of neon chairs, walls adorned with art, and food just as colorful as its decor. It’s an openly queer space that doesn’t just offer amazing food for a night out with friends, but also a private event space for birthday parties, bachelor(ette) parties, and more.


Regalo, Louisville, Kentucky

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regaloart / Via instagram.com

This cutesy art and gift shop has everything from Beyoncé-themed items for your desk to calendars that remind you to be you no matter what «gay» of the week it is. They’ve been voted Louisville’s best gift shop, and it’s easy to see why when they stock such adorable pieces of art and are inclusive AF.


GLBT Historical Society Museum, San Francisco, California

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glbt_history / Via instagram.com

Located in the heart of the Castro, San Francisco’s most famous «gayborhood,» this museum focuses on queer history and is the first stand-alone museum of its kind in the US. Learn about the history of one of the queerest cities in America and don’t forget to hit up the gift shop!


Queen of Angels LA, Los Angeles, California

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queenofangelsla / Via instagram.com

Have you ever wanted to try drag but had no idea where to start? Well, let Queen of Angels handle it, honey. Run by queen Thee Rudeness, this one-stop drag shop offers custom drag makeovers; from makeup, to dresses, to wigs, to your own personal studio photoshoot. Whether you’re planning a big night out or just want to try a new look, this shop has you covered.


Philly AIDS Thrift @ Giovanni’s Room, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

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patatgiovannisroom / Via instagram.com

This might be the country’s oldest LGBTQ bookstore, but it’s also SO. MUCH. MORE. Part-bookstore and part-thrift shop, Philly AIDS Thrift offers hours upon hours of browsing through everything from the latest queer books to the funkiest thrifted clothes. They also regularly donate to various LGBTQ charities, so there’s no shopper’s remorse when you buy too much.


Ori Gallery, Portland, Oregon

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oriartgallery / Via instagram.com

Visionaries Maya Vivas and Leila Haile set out to redefine «the white cube» of the art world with their Portland gallery that highlights local QPOC artists. In addition to rotating exhibits, Ori hosts regular workshops and community events where you can meet fellow artists (or just art lovers!) and soak in the culture.


Qalm Events, Everywhere!

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queerintroverts / Via instagram.com

Queeret is a global movement for queer, sober introverts looking to connect with likeminded people. Their events, called Qalm, are intimate gatherings around tea, coffee, or mocktails where folx can chat about anything and everything. The idea is to create a safe space for queer people to meet each other, without having to head to a bar. Qalm is currently hosted in a myriad of cities around the country, with more events coming soon!

Where do YOU celebrate Pride?

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