16 Pictures That Show How Terribly “Social Distancing” Is Working In Florida Since The Spring Break Drama A Few Weeks Ago

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As we all know by now, Florida has had a rough time following social distancing orders.

Clearwater Beach, Florida is PACKED today despite “social distancing” recommendations. https://t.co/WzGydcP1Ja

Now, the governor of Florida has set up roadside checkpoints along the Florida border to discourage people from out of state “hot spots” like New York from entering the state.

“If you’re coming from one of the epicenters, we probably think you should obey the directions of your state and local officials. And if they are telling you to shelter in place do that but don’t come here.”

The governor might want to take a look at his own citizens instead of people from outside the state because…


People are still going to beaches.

#floridashutdown Yeah, right. Here’s a picture of Lovers Key in SW Florida just yesterday. I went down because I couldn’t believe people were saying the beaches were packed with boats!


This past weekend, people were “streaming” into Ponce Inlet because there is still no statewide order to shut the beaches down.

@GovRonDeSantis picture of people streaming into a beach park today in Ponce Inlet, Volusia County. There is no way on gods earth that these people are social distancing once they get out of their cars. Shut these places down NOW before thousands get sick & die!


The beach was crowded!

Last night Florida reported that the state has 4,246 active cases of coronavirus.

There will be many more reported tonight.

This is a photo of New Smyrna Beach this afternoon.

Why are there people there?

Because @GovRonDeSantis still won’t shut down the state.

Any questions?


This picture was also taken this past weekend. It shows Jacksonville Beach where Duval County meets St John’s County. Duval County has banned people from going on the beach while St. John’s County hasn’t.

Photo from Jacksonville Beach, Florida resident Clay Archer shows exactly where Duval County ends and St. John’s County begins. Beaches in Duval are closed. St. John’s only banned parking at the beach.


Some counties aren’t even enforcing their own beach restrictions.

#COVID19 #CoronavirusOutbreak
Brevard County commissioners, in Central Florida, will not enforce weekend beach restrictions https://t.co/IQoMMqOblR


A megachurch in Tampa held a service this weekend.

“IRRESPONSIBLE” – A megachurch in Florida has refused to close its doors despite the county’s safer-at-home order. https://t.co/nE77xyqFht


The Villages, a senior citizen community, is popping.

@maddow Rachel here is The Villages, Florida idea of social distancing! I see this daily…WTH!


Here’s a group of older people eating outside:

Hey @GovRonDeSantis this was YESTERDAY at The Villages (FL). Doesn’t look like #SocialDistancing is being practiced by these at-risk seniors.


People are golfing.

Great social distancing on a golf course in Florida. 12 people all together, shaking hands, smoking together… 😔


People are going for group walks.

Are people this clueless! This is my neighborhood in Florida. People listen to the rules! Take this serious #socialdistancing


Boat parties are happening.

Kate Spratt


Stores aren’t following rules.

@WESH @GovRonDeSantis You really need to do this for just a while ,until we get a grip on this virus .Folks do not understand essential shopping, and social distancing you need to make this mandatory. Pics were taken yesterday!


It’s not good.

@JaneCastor @GovRonDeSantis Husband snapped this picture on his way to work this morning. This is the line outside of Target in South Tampa. They weren’t open yet. People are NOT social distancing at. all. Don’t you see??? #COVID19 #TampaBay #StayHome #LifeintheTimeofCorona


Basically, this whole social distancing thing isn’t working.

Am all for ripping on the idiotic spring break crowd for the crowded beach photos still popping up from Florida, BUT a reminder it’s a myth to say it’s just them. Took this photo one of my last nights there last week while picking up a to-go order. These were not spring breakers


And one last time: STOP GOING TO THE BEACH.

Florida’s beaches are still packed and evidently social distancing rules are not being applied. @GovRonDeSantis you have blood on your hands for not shutting this down.

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