16 Parents Who Were So Tired They Didn’t Even See These Fails Coming

"Перед тем как карабкаться на лестницу успеха, убедитесь, что она прислонена к стене того здания, что вам нужно." Стивен Кови ZM
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This is your brain on parenting, y’all.


This dad, who forgot he was drying the baby bottles in the oven, then preheated it to 450 degrees:


This mom, who was so tired she accidentally put her smoothie in her baby’s bottle:


This dad, who remembered to make coffee, but was so tired he forgot the cup:


This mom, who was so exhausted she spent five whole minutes trying to figure out where she left her pen:


This dad, who found out his credit card had been compromised, but was so tired he cut up the wrong card:


And this mom, who forgot about the pancake breakfast she warmed up…until two days later:


This dad, who accidentally put the baby bottle nipple on the milk:


This dad, who forgot he was baking cookies, and, well:


This mom, who put the cornish hen away in the cabinet:


This dad, who could’ve sworn he put on a matching pair of shoes:


And this dad, who was so tired while cleaning up that he hung the pretend keys with the real ones:


This mom, who was so exhausted she didn’t realize she was trying to put on her baby’s sock:


This dad, who somehow accidentally put coffee grounds in his kids’ waffle batter:


This mom, who accidentally washed the whole dang bottle of fabric softener:


This dad, who put his drill away, or so his exhausted brain thought:


And this dad, who left his keys in his car door for five whole hours, because if you’ve never done something like that, are you even a parent?

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