16 Hysterical Gay Tweets From This Week

"Как бы высоко не оценивали вас, всегда имейте мужество сказать себе: «Я невежда»." Иван Павлов ZM
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No way in hell am I raising gay kids. I don’t need that type of competition in my own damn house.


Thinkin about the guy I hooked w/ after horse meat once whomst I thought I really hit it off with. He later messaged me on Grindr to ask what I thought of this season of RHONY? The next time I asked him to hang he ignored the question and asked if I had a molly connect. Romance!


The gays: *remembers EVERY word of any major single of any 2000’s pop girl”

“What’s the square root of 4”

The gays:


Gay culture is my roommate having an alarm on his phone labeled “Birth Control” that reminds him to take his PrEP

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