16 Dog Posts From This Week That You Should See If You’re Sad (Or Even If You’re Not)

"Что разум человека может постигнуть и во что он может поверить, того он способен достичь." Наполеон Хилл ZM

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16 Dog Posts From This Week That You Should See If Youre Sad (Or Even If Youre Not)

Alice Yoo / BuzzFeed


This week, THESE TWO LITTER MATES REUNITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This lil’ doggoli stromboli got their own little prop face mask*!!!

*But remember, it really is JUST a prop, since animals don’t actually need to — and probably shouldn’t — wear masks.


Kosi here proved that if you think happy thoughts, rainbows just might pop out of your head!!!!!!

This is Kosi. If he really concentrates, he can shoot rainbows out of his head. 13/10 magical as h*ck


This guy enjoyed some good puddlin’!!!!!!


Agility training did not go as planned, to say the least:


They SCREEEEEEEAM!!!!!!!!!


This puppy was welcomed home through SONG!!!!!!


Dennis here rocked his new mohawk/sideburn combo:

This is Dennis. He has sideburns. Debuted them at the park today and received great feedback. 14/10


No doggos were harmed in the making of this very ambitious escape:


This shaved floof addressed the elephant in the room:


Raymond here just CRACKS 👏 ME 👏 UP!!!!!!!! 👏


This dogini proved to have *quite* the green — albeit not opposable — thumb:


Chloe here executed The Kissies™ via foot rest!!!


Brody here enjoyed a nice kayak ride after some minor mishaps 😌:

This is Brody. He’ll be the first to tell you his first attempt at getting in the kayak wasn’t great, but he never gave pup. 14/10


This lucky kitters basically got their very own doggo fren!!!!!


And lastly, she sat nicely:

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