15 Wedding Pranks I Really, Really Wish I Was There To Witness

"Искусство быть мудрым состоит в умении знать, на что не следует обращать внимания." Уильям Джеймс ZM
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These neighbors, who made the newlywed couple’s getaway car a little more festive with some Saran Wrap and Post-its:


This father of the bride, who was supposed to pick up his daughter’s dress, and tricked her into thinking the store lost it:


This bride, who wore a dinosaur costume for her first look with her groom:


This groom, who pranked his bride by having a cop pretend to arrest him right before their wedding:


The mysterious wedding guest who rearranged the letters on what was supposed to be a sweet wedding sign:


And the mysterious guest who snuck in and «rearranged» the wedding cake toppers at this wedding:


This best man, who began his speech with a reference to the groom’s past:

I was best man at my friend’s 2nd wedding. I started my speech with «welcome back everyone» he was not happy #weddingfail


These bridesmaids, who made their friend sleep with a huge inflatable penis beforehand:


Whoever put this message on the bottom of the groom’s shoes:


These bridesmaids, who got creative with the bride’s garter:

So I hate the minions and I’m getting married on Star Wars day so my wedding party got me a little gift. They think they’re HILARIOUS #Maythe4th #weddingpranks #thanksguys 🙃


This couple, whose seating assignment cards featured a photo of each of their guests’ heads on livestock:


And these in-laws, who pranked the happy couple by covering everything in their wedding night room with Post-its:


These wedding guests, who put toothpaste in the bride and groom’s Oreos:


These wedding guests, who toilet-papered the happy couple’s getaway car in a major way:


And this couple’s friends, who got them an anniversary cake wishing their union success, ala The Hunger Games:

Have you ever seen or pulled off an epic prank at your — or somebody else’s — wedding? Tell us (or show us!) in the comments section, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed post!

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