15 Ways To Get Better At This Whole Adulting Thing

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Make yourself at least one real dinner this week.

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No, a microwaved meal does not count — but there’s no need to be a master chef, either! You can find easy to make meals on the internet that are quick and simple. Flex your cooking muscles and dig into a dish of satisfaction after you sit down to a homemade meal.


Plan your outfits for the week.

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If a study was done on how much time you stood in front of your closet deciding what to wear, the results would (probably) be frightening. Be on time to work for once by choosing your five outfits to wear this week ahead of time. Your coordination can be rewarded with actual time to eat a healthy breakfast or a few extra minutes to glare at your work building before you go inside.


Clean your bathroom.

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Clean it. Scrub it. Disinfect it. Now cleanse it with sage to ward off the bad spirits trapped inside it. Make sure you clean the counter, toilet, and all handles of your glorious loo. And clean the tub! Just because you get clean in there doesn’t mean it’s clean after you leave! EW.


Now clean the rest of your apartment.

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Continue the cleansing ritual by sprucing up the rest of your place. Wipe down the kitchen and other surfaces and dust to your heart’s content. If you’re feeling ambitious, wash the floors. (Then wash yourself!)


Redo your budget.

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The numbers don’t lie — and redoing your budget can keep you on track with your monthly expenses. Take a few moments to review how much you spent last month on groceries, rent, utilities, clothes, and entertainment. Then see where you can spend a little less or more.


Watch a documentary.


Get in the know. Instead of re-watching Friends for the billionth time, choose a political or environmental documentary that increases your brain capacity on what’s happening right now. Cuz’ it’s a lot and you need to know about it.


Go for a run.

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…or a walk. Just get moving! A quick 30 minutes of cardio can do wonders for your day. It’s heart healthy and a great stress reliever. Feeling down in the dumps? Even the smallest of workouts can increase your energy and ease whatever’s on your mind. Hop to it.


Shop for groceries.


Fridge looking a little empty? Get to the grocery store and fill er’ up! Grab some basic lunch materials such as sandwich ingredients and then some healthy snacks so you’ll be fueled for the week ahead.


Reorganize your closet.

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Take inventory and try to throw out what you never wear. Take your findings to a local donation drop. Now that you’re feeling charitable, do yourself some good and organize your clothes based on season and get a shoe rack. Behold, the new rack city.



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Let’s be real, you were planning on watching TV for several hours straight today, yes? Consider being more productive, but for others. Check your community for volunteer opportunities such as helping out at an animal shelter, mentoring a kids camp, or being a positive impact on the environment. The choices are endless. Go do some good!


Read a book.

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Words? On a page? Yes. Pick up a novel and dive right in. There are countless books out there for everyone. Reading helps the mind and the imagination, so exercise both by engrossing yourself in an old or new story. No one will judge you if you smell the pages. (Well, not everyone at least.)


Pay your bills now, rather than later.

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If you have the time, flinch at your bills now instead of later. That electric bill is not going anywhere. Get some or all of your payments squared away today so that the end of the month doesn’t feel like getting continuously punched in the gut. Once they’re paid, you’ll have another month of peace before they strike again.


Do your laundry.

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Wearing your underwear inside out is…less than ideal. Unless you’re comfortable with going commando at work then get to the sudsy machine right now. Don’t put too many clothes into a load or else they won’t get truly clean. Don’t skimp on the delicate cycle for, you guessed it, your delicates. Should you add yummy smell boosters? All in favor? Motion passes.


Wash your bed.

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Yeah, this is different from laundry. Washing your sheets, blankets, and comforter will take you a wee bit of time. The “extended wash cycle” is recommended, we all know what you did last weekend.


Have a glass of wine.

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Look at you! Adulting so hard today. Put your feet up and enjoy a rewarding glass of adult grape juice, you deserve it. Who cares if it’s a fancy or cheap bottle? Not you, because it all tastes the same. Cheers.

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