15 Brides Who Were Way More Chill Than People Expected Them To Be

"Жизнь такова, какой мы по своему нашему характеру хотим ее видеть. Мы сами придаем ей форму, как улитка своей раковине." Жюль Ренар ZMEY
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But now that we’ve shared the worst brides, we wanted to share some of the best! Here are some of the comments our readers shared about the most chill, selfless brides they’ve ever seen:



“My best friend is getting married in July, and instead of having all her bridesmaids wear matching dresses, she spent hours researching each of us, remembering what we most loved to wear in college, what shops we love to shop at, and what kind of dresses worked well for us — then she sent us suggestions based on that info. The first dress she sent me was the one I ended up picking, and I LOVE IT!”


“I’m a wedding photographer, and I had just started a couple’s pre-ceremony portrait session when their wedding coordinator approached me with bad news. The wedding officiant had been practicing removing the rings from their ring boxes when he DROPPED THE BRIDE’S WEDDING RING IN A POND! I stepped back and waited for the explosion…”

“And she did explode…into hysterical laughter! When she could finally breathe again, she handed her coordinator her engagement ring and said, ‘OK, we’ll use that for the ceremony.’ Then she turned back to me to proceed with the photos.”



“Here’s my best friend — the bride — 20 minutes before we needed to leave for her wedding, playing Uno with my 4-year-old daughter. There was so much to do, and so many people in the house, but my daughter wanted to play Uno with the bride — so she sat on the floor and played Uno with her.”


“The bride waved and wished one of her friend’s ‘Happy Birthday’ as she walked down the aisle.”



“I was a bridesmaid for a friend whose family was very conservative, and I was worried about bringing my (now) wife as my date because I didn’t want to cause any drama on my friend’s wedding day. But she insisted that I bring her along, saying that she didn’t think her family would cause a scene. Well, she was wrong — and her family was so rude and inappropriate to us that we left right after the ceremony…”


“Well, a few days later, my friend called me to apologize and asked me to come over to her house for dinner. When we came, she sat us down in chairs in her backyard, and our friends started filling in the chairs around us. And then she RECREATED THE ENTIRE WEDDING just for me and my wife!”



“My Dad and I arrived at my wedding in a vintage car with leather seats the driver had just polished. Well, when I got out of the car, I heard gasps — there was grey leather polish ALL OVER MY DRESS! The driver was devastated as people started dabbing my dress with handkerchiefs dipped in soda water…”

“But I just gave the driver a hug and told him it was OK, then walked down the aisle late from the stain removal, and married the love of my life.”



“My mom passed away two weeks before one of my best friend’s wedding, and in all the chaos, I forgot to get my bridesmaid dress altered. Well, the bride heard I was stressing out, and she called to tell me not to worry about the dress, and that I could wear anything to the wedding — she just wanted me there.”


“I was able to get the dress altered in time, so it all turned out perfectly, but it meant so much to me that she was so relaxed and sweet during that time. And she made a point to check on how I was feeling often throughout the day.”



“The best date for my best friend’s wedding happened to be my birthday. My friend was concerned about it, but I honestly didn’t mind — what better way to spend your birthday than partying it up with your friends?”

“Well, not only did she surprise me with a beautiful card and gift on her wedding day, but during her reception, she had the caterers come out with a little cake just for me and had the whole party sing ‘Happy Birthday!'”



“My dress ripped all the way down the back five minutes before I was supposed to walk down the aisle. But I just had my brother run to the store for thread and needles so my mom could sew my dress up. It was such a crazy experience and such a great memory to look back on!”

Ariel Willheim

“And I had to be cut out of my dress at the end of the night!”

—Ariel Willhelm, Facebook


“When the bride found out it was going to rain on her wedding day, she gave us all umbrellas and made the best of it.”



“Years ago, I shot a wedding for a couple who planned a relaxed wedding with pizza and salad for dinner and a table full of artisan pies from a local baker for dessert. But the day of the wedding, the pies never arrived and no one could reach the baker…”


“Everyone started getting concerned, except the bride, who had two of the groomsmen just walk to a grocery store down the street and grab a cart full of desserts. The couple happily cut one of those pies and danced the rest of the night away! We found out later that the baker put the wedding on her calendar on the wrong day and had turned off her phone in order to bake. The bride didn’t even ask for her money back!”



“I was in four weddings and a guest at six others all in the same year, and all of the brides were very understanding about me not being able to be everywhere. One of the brides even bought my dress when I couldn’t swing it at the time we ordered them so that I wouldn’t miss the sale price. And she never even asked me to pay her back!”



“My sister-in-law was the chillest bride. A friend made our bridesmaids dresses, one of the bridesmaids made the wedding cake, another friend did our hair, and the morning of the wedding, the bride just picked some flowers from her garden to put in our hair. No drama, no elaborate planning of hair and makeup, and she was swigging gin with the rest of us during the photos!”

New Line Cinema


“One of my best friends got married the day after she graduated college, and because both her and her husband’s families lived far away, she planned the whole thing herself…”

“So this badass of a bride graduated with a Bachelor’s degree, moved out of a dorm, juggled two extended families, decorated her own ceremony, and got married all within 24 hours! And she never lost her temper once.”



“I vividly remember the look of sheer incredulity my hair and makeup lady gave me when she asked what hair and makeup I wanted my bridesmaids to have, and I said, ‘Whatever they want.'”


“I figured if they felt good they’d be happier, and who doesn’t want their wedding party to be happy?”

—Kat Duthoit, Facebook

Do you have a story about a bride who was super chill, selfless, and “anti-bridezilla?” Tell us about it in the comments section, and you could be featured in a future BuzzFeed Community post!

Some responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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