13 Tips On How To Stop Your Glasses From Fogging Up While Wearing A Face Mask

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As a glasses wearer, I have been frustrated for weeks by how easy it is for my glasses to get all foggy so that I can’t see when wearing a face mask. So, I asked the brilliant BuzzFeed Community for their tips and tricks for how to avoid it — here’s what they suggested!


First, make sure your mask is tightly secured around your face, as this will help to prevent fogging.

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“You need to make sure to make the mask tight onto your cheeks because it fogs up when the air comes outta there. The nose part can release air that won’t really fog it up. Take it from me, I work in a retirement home and have to wear it every day!”


“The tighter the mask is on your face, the less it will fog up. Make sure that it is secure around your nose, you can use fashion tape to keep it more secure. It also helps if you angle your glasses down a little. The more active you are, the more they will fog up, so walk slower when going out and about. And remember that once you have your mask on in public, don’t touch your face!”



If you have a mask with a wire at the top, bend it along the crease of your nose to prevent air from coming up into your glasses.

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“If it’s a surgical mask with the bendable wire on the top length, pinch the wire over your nose so it makes a point. Looks like a beak but does the trick!”


“With surgical masks that have a hard wire at the top, I press the wire against my cheeks and leave a tiny space open on the bridge of my nose so the hot air can rise between the lenses.”


“You need the type of mask with a bendable metal strip at the top. Bend it as closely as possible to the shape of your face. Tie the mask tight, positioned under the glasses.”



If you don’t have a mask with a wire in it, use a wire-based household item like twist-ties from the grocery store to close the nose gap instead.

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“If your mask doesn’t have a nose clamp, use a paperclip or some jewelry wire or anything appropriately bendy and non-snappable, and weave it through the part of the mask that sits on bridge of your nose. Now you can mold the mask around your nose better, which prevents air from going straight into the glasses.

Make sure you fold the wire in and down and away from your eyes, or tape it so there are no sharp edges! And don’t wash your mask with anything fragile.”


“Sew or glue one of those green twisty things from the grocery store or a pipe cleaner or any metal wire at the top of your mask so that you can bend it to fit your nose better.”



Wash your glasses with dish soap before you leave the house.

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“With cloth masks, I apply soap on the lenses and I rinse them just enough to see but making sure there is still soap on the glass.”


“I had this conversation with a woman at the drug store who was wearing glasses and a mask. She said to use dish soap, just a tiny bit should do ya! Rub it with your finger onto the lower half of your glasses until it dries.”



Fold a tissue into your mask where the bridge of your nose is. This will help to filter and absorb the moistness of your breath.

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“I put a tissue on the bridge of my nose beneath the mask to absorb the hot moisture from the breath.”


“Fold up a Kleenex into a strip and place it between the mask and your nose. so just a little bit is poking out of the mask. My chiropractor told me this tip and it really works!”



Or try putting a small piece of paper towel inside the mask.

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“A paper towel helps keep moisture down; I learned this in my college chemistry courses because my chemistry goggles always started to fog up during long lab periods.”



Use tape to secure the mask to your face.

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“A tip I learned from a surgeon who has to wear a mask with glasses regularly: a little medical tape along the edge of the mask that lies on the bridge of your nose goes a long way!”


“Use paper tape. It’s in the Band-Aid aisle. Slap a strip of it horizontally over your nose and the mask, down to the rise of your cheek/eyesocket.”



If you’re having issues with your glasses falling off of your head, place Band-Aids on the back of them — where they rest at your ears.

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“Put band aids onto the part of the glasses behind ur ear, so they don’t fall off your ear. Both ears is important. Don’t put the glasses ON the mask because it makes it more slippery.”



Use a layer of shaving cream on your glasses to prevent fog.

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“Shaving cream. Works on bathroom mirrors too.”



Buy an anti-fog spray to spray on your glasses (if you have the money to spend).

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“My dad rides motorcycles. He sent me a bottle of anti-fog spray. It’s been working so far.”



If you have enough slack between your ears and the mask, try twisting them into an “X” shape before placing them onto your ears. This didn’t work with my own mask, but others suggest that it helps the mask stay closer to the skin.

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“I tried the ‘twist ear straps into an x shape’ tip that’s going around, and was surprised to find it actually works! It makes the top part tighter against your face so your breath goes out the sides of the mask instead.”


“Twist the elastic on each side once, so it’s in the shape of an “x”, then loop it around your ear. Directs some of the air away from the top of the mask and out the sides. Simplest fix I’ve found by far, although it’s not perfect.”



When you’re breathing, push the air downward as you exhale.

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“I work in surgery so I am used to wearing one all the time. Honestly I’ve just trained myself to breathe downward to prevent my mask from fogging.”



If all else fails and you have contact lenses at home, you might want to wear them instead.

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“I’m a CNA at a skilled nursing facility and all of us have switched back to our contacts or constantly wiping our glasses. I think this is a call for a new design of masks.”


Do you have another tip for keeping your glasses clear while wearing a face mask? Leave it in the comments below!

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