13 Things That’ll Help You Take Better Photos With Your Phone

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Maybe your sink is clogged! Or you want to take pictures of the inside of a beehive. Or the mouse living in your walls. Endless possibilities!

Promising review: «I purchased this as a gift for my husband and he loves it! His words were, ‘It’s easy to use, easy to set up, has a good picture, and is versatile.'» —Amazon Customer

Price: $100

Comes with a travel pouch and cleaning cloth.

Promising review: «It really did take GOOD, CLEAR pictures. It fit with ease over my Lifeproof case and would easily fit over a thicker case.» —Amazon Customer

Price: $30


Or if you don’t want clip-on lenses, here’s a 4-in-1 lens kit that’ll attach to a phone case.


Also comes with a lightweight tripod.

Promising review: «We use lenses with iPhones several times a week: consistently and without a doubt, this is the single best lens I have ever used. It has amazing clarity and the size makes it less clunky then other telescope lenses. Whether for video or stills, this lens is second to none and I would highly recommend it to anyone. Five stars is just not enough.» —Robert G.

Price: $45


Its working range is about 12 meters (40 feet).

Promising review: «It works with my iPhone 6 Plus without any issue. The remote is small and very light. Most people may think it is not necessary to have such remote (since iPhone has a timer feature), however the timer doesn’t let you capture the exact moment you want. With this little remote, I fully control the shutter timing 100%.» —HT

Price: $6.50


This mini tripod mount and dolly that’ll make your films worthy of festival submissions.


Works with any standard tripod and lets you mount microphone and lighting accessories.

Promising review: «Great product. It arrived very fast and works marvelously. I screwed it on to my tripod and gripped my phone to it and connected my microphone on the hotshot from the rig and it works.» —Jehu

Price: $40


This set of four colored lenses that’ll give your photos more pizzazz than any Instagram filter.


Edit less, photograph more.

Promising review: «It is a very nice hardware filter set that I can use on my phone camera. Often, software filters degrade the image quality, but this is a purely analog hardware solution that allows my images to be captured in full resolution with my desired filter. It works very well on my Nexus 5X and iPhone 6s.» —Xin Huang

Price: $25

amzn.to, amzn.to

Not just for phones, but also your camera, camcorder, tablet, and whatever other gadget you have. First, vlogging; next, YouTube stardom.

Promising review: «The best phone holder for a tripod I have purchased. This tripod is very sturdy and feels like it will last a very long time. The easy-adjust ball head is very useful. I would highly recommend this tripod to anyone with a smart phone that takes video.» —Amazon Customer

Price: $25 (for the tripod) and $12 (for the mount)


This clip-on spotlight that’ll give you some more creative leeway over the lighting in your photos.


Lighting: the oldest trick in any photographer’s book.

Promising review: «Perfect for getting rid of shadows when taking pictures of things close up. You don’t have to dance around the room trying to find a good angle or good lighting. It also brightens up a dark environment without the harsh flash. Super easy to use. Just clip-on, clip-off.» —E.I.

Price: $17


This spider grip stabilizer that’s great to have while traveling.


While it’s not intended to replace your regular tripod, it’s sturdy enough to use when you’re out and about and you need something quick to stabilize your phone.

Promising review: «I’ve found all sorts of great uses for these. Used on phones and iPads flawlessly. It was fun to use as well. Awesome price!» —Kenneth Chiang

Price: $3 for a pack of 10


This portable drive that’ll store your photos when you’re out of space on your phone.


Transfers easily to your computer, too. It beats lugging around a DSLR.

Promising review: «Was super-easy to use and the smartest thing I could have bought, since these new phones no longer come with the option to expand storage.» —Amazon Customer

Price: $13


A secure waterproof case that’s touch-friendly.


Watch a standard DSLR try to take shots underwater…ha! It can’t!

Promising review: «Love this product. Works fantastic. I’ve purchased several as gifts.» —Carol Macfarland

Price: $10


This flexible tripod that wraps around pretty much anything.


Take your photography to the limits.

Promising review: «Works great. Holds my camera perfectly at any angle.» —Tim

Price: $15

🙌 Your next photo’s going to make you Insta-FAMOUS. 🙌

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