12 Queer-Owned Food Businesses To Support During Pride Month And Beyond

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To celebrate Pride month, we’ve rounded up 12 of our absolute favorite queer-owned food businesses to highlight.

When we think about ways to support the community during Pride month, donating to organizations such as GLADD, The Trevor Project, and Trans Lifeline is a great ways to make a direct impact. But beyond supporting LGBTQ+ nonprofits, another way to show support is to simply purchase products from queer-owned businesses. Doing so puts money directly into the pockets of LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs, and it helps them grow their businesses.

Below are 12 of our favorite queer-owned food businesses. From whimsical ice cream to drag hot sauce, these businesses highlight the many facets of the queer food community. So order some treats, invite some friends over, and get snacking! Happy Pride!

1. Diaspora Co., a single-origin heirloom turmeric company that sells fresh, vibrant turmeric all while putting money back into the pockets of the farmers who grow it.

There’s turmeric, and then there’s Diaspora Co. turmeric. It’s made with 100% heirloom seeds and has a bright sunny color and rich flavor unlike anything you’ve tried. It’s freshly milled, a favorite among chefs, and the company is committed to paying farmers a fair price for their turmeric — up to six time the commodity price to be exact. (The company also has heirloom, single-origin cardamom in the works!)

Get 1.75 ounces of Diaspora Co. turmeric for $8.50.

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