10 Things Your S.O. Does That Are Super Annoying, And 10 Things They Do That Are Super Cute

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When they ask for a bite of your food THE SECOND you get it at a restaurant…before YOU’VE even taken your first bite.

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But then they secretly order dessert to-go while you’re in the bathroom and surprise you with it when you get home, so it’s all fine.

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Sometimes they seriously hog the covers while you’re sleeping, leaving you shivering and exposed to the elements while they’re curled up in a nice little ball of warmth.

Charlotte Gomez/BuzzFeed


But other times they let you take all the covers, so you get to be the blanket ball while they freeze their ass off.

Charlotte Gomez/BuzzFeed

This is a MUCH better option, IMHO.


On occasion they’ll eat the precious leftovers you’d been dreaming about since the second you left the house, the ones that got you through all those excruciating meetings…

Charlotte Gomez/BuzzFeed

Those are sacred, you hear me? SACRED!!!


But they’ll also order Postmates for you on days when work’s been hell, you stained your favorite shirt, your goldfish died, AND you got a parking ticket.

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Food fixes just about everything, doesn’t it?


They like to catch you off guard and tickle your side when you least expect it, causing you to give them a swift karate chop to the face.

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But they also like to gently run their fingers through your hair and play with it for hours on end while you watch TV together, AKA heaven on Earth.

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They INSIST on controlling the music when you take road trips together, meaning you get to spend hours listening to their boring podcasts…

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But they’re also down to drive then entire way, letting you sleep (which you inevitably will, since the podcasts are so boring).

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Your S.O. probably likes to tune you out while you’re talking from time to time, especially when you’re explaining to them how they’re wrong (which, let’s be honest, is pretty often).

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But they manage to make up for it in the purest and simplest way: FOREHEAD AND NOSE KISSES.

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They’ll sometimes have a night out without you and then leave you on read, letting you to wonder if whether they’re busy, ignoring you, or actually just dead…

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But then they’ll send you lots of drunk texts and voicemails detailing how much and why they like you, so you know they are in fact not dead, just adorable.

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They’ll run into the bathroom and scare you while you’re showering and think it’s hilarious when it most certainly IS NOT.

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But they might manage to make it up to you with a random gift related to something you offhandedly brought up two weeks ago, proving they actually do listen.

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You get pretty peeved when they purposely stick their phone under your chin and take pics of you from the worst angle known to man.

Charlotte Gomez/BuzzFeed

No one needs to see what the inside of your nostrils look like. No one.


But then you see that they keep a bunch of Polaroids you took together in their wallet and just wanna cry.

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You LOATHE the fact that they drool so much in their sleep, leaving a perfect puddle for you to roll right into…

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But you instantly forget that when they roll over in bed, wrap you up and squeeze you just right, letting you know you’re loved.

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