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Returning in 1926 from the Altai, Roerich visited the city of Novosibirsk (as of February 1926 was officially called Novonikolayevsk), where he stayed exactly a week, from August 27 to September 3. The first paragraph of the chapter "Altai" well-known and often reprinted books Roerich "Altai-Himalaya," ends with the following phrase: "The Great Ob - the birthplace of his wife and the serpent." Its meaning is obscure, but remembering the content of "Revelation", see here reminiscence apocalyptic story about his wife, who had escaped from the snake in the desert. Snakes let the water trail, but the earth clave and swallowed it. Researcher Believer currents remember that this story is repeated consistently in the lists of "Travelers", telling about the way in Belovodye. Two more seats in the "Altai" will attract our attention. The mention of God knows who predicted the final battle of the people is going to happen on the banks of the Katun and the Biya (the origins of the Ob). And casual aforementioned mysterious disappearance of the author's picture "The Call of the snake," written shortly before the trans-Asian journey. Leaving Novosibirsk, Nicholas Roerich had promised to return. But only in the 60s, his son Yuri, gave 60 paintings bequeathed to the city. And shortly before the death of Nicholas Roerich painted "Grad doomed", depicting the city walls, overgrown with monstrous serpent. There is a city, incorporated by chance, by coincidence. There grew out of necessity.


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