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Zmeinogorsk & Kolyvan

Town and village Zmeinogorsk Kolyvan. The interest of tourists to Zmeinogorsk Kolyvan and curious pages linked to the history of the Altai - the development of mining and stone-cutting business. Another ancient historian Herodotus wrote about the places where they live, "the keepers of the gold bars," and there is every reason to believe that it was said about the Rudny Altai territory. Extraction of precious metals was carried out here long, as evidenced by the remains of ancient pits and smelting furnaces. Industrial development is started only in the 18th century, when in 1717 Tomsk rudoznattsy discovered in the vicinity of the ridge Kolyvansky deposits of silver and copper ores. The enterprising industrialist Ural Akinfiy Demidov received in 1726 the highest resolution for the construction of factories in the area, in 1729 went into effect the first of them - Kolyvano Resurrection (now part Kolyvan). In 1736 the fortress Demidov discovered rich deposits at the foot of serpents (the modern city Zmeinogorsk), where it was founded the famous Zmeinogorsky mine, the silver glory of the Altai Mountains, which gave a lifetime of 54,000 pounds of silver.


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